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Department Personnel

Institutional Effectiveness and Academic Services

Name Title Room Phone
Jesse Coraggio Vice President EP BD2-105 727-341-3084
Sabrina Crawford Executive Director, EP BD2-103 727-341-3118
Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Jackie Skryd Executive Director, EP SV 292 727-302-6809
Grants Development
Diana Sabino Executive Director, EP DO 214 727-341-3352
Marketing and Strategic Communications
Heather Roberson Academic Director, CL BT 107 727-712-5840
Djuan Fox Academic Projects Coordinator EP BD 2-113 727-341-3334
Tracy Garrett Academic Programs and Support Coordinator EP BD 2-107 727-341-3172
Angelica Sanchez Senior Administrative Services Specialist EP BD 2-106 727-341-3177

Institutional Research

Name Title Room Phone
Edward Siegel Director SV 297 727-341-4594
Tony Callaghan Analyst Programmer SV 295 727-398-8213
Maria De Laval Administrative Services Specialist SV 102 727-712-5237
Theresa Dimmer Institutional Research & Reporting Coordinator SV 296 727-302-6851
Edin Jakupovic Research Analyst SV 290 727-791-2529
Thomas Mothershed Research Analyst SV 290 727-341-4676

Curriculum Services

Name Title Room Phone
Margaret Bowman Director EPI 108 727-341-3124
Isaac Miller Coordinator EPI 1-121 727-341-3367
Angela Ashe Research Analyst EPI 1 126 727-341-3041
Tina Kuhn Research Specialist EPI 1 126 727-341-3218
Will Baldwin Research Specialist, OPS EPI 1 126 727-341-4563
Jessica Scites Research Analyst EPI 1 126 727-714-6029

Grants Department

Name Title Room Phone
Jackie Skryd Executive Director EP SV 292 727-302-6809
Kate Baxter Sr. Administrative Specialist EP SV 290 727-341-3176
Katie Shultz Associate Director of Grant Development EP SV 293 727-341-3002
Jennifer McBride Grant Writer EP SV 294 727-341-7118
Marie Couch  Grant Management Specialist EP SV 291 727-341-4455

Academic Effectiveness & Assessment

Name Title Room Phone
Magaly Tymms Director of Assessment EP SV-103 727-341-3195
Joe Boyd Assessment Coordinator EP SV-105 727-341-7120
Ashley Caron Asst Director, Accred & Assess EP SV-104 727-341-3016
Amy Eggers Research Analyst EP SV 113 727-712-5236
Robert Mohr III Research Specialist EP SV 113 727-341-3052