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The Department of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) collects, analyzes and provides information that supports state reporting, institutional planning and evaluation, and decision-making functions.


Student Enrollment and Success Dashboards

Dashboards were designed using Business Intelligence software to assist College executives and policymakers to monitor performance on significant measures by providing up-to-date information in a readily accessible location. These provides for:

  • Direct stakeholder access to College performance data;
  • Improved data definition and consistency to facilitate consensus and reliable interpretations;
  • Increased transparency to support institutional oversight and accountability;
  • Timely access to performance information to contribute to evidence-based policy-making and strategic planning; and
  • Improved efficiency in establishing benchmarks, monitoring performance, and evaluating results.

To ensure the privacy of student performance data, access to the dashboards is limited to certain staff members responsible for program management, institutional research, and student support.

Available Dashboards

  • Provost and Dean Dashboard - includes 19 reports related to Enrollment Status, Degree Objective, Enrollment Type, Enrollment by Instructional Method, Financial Aid, Student Demographics, Top Courses, Enrollment by Zipcode, Student Success Rates/Counts, Campus Cross Enrollment, and Campus Enrollment First-time. This dashboard provides filtering by academic year/term, campus, program plan, academic unit, instructional method, student type, and student demographics.

  • Headcount Enrollment by Day Dashboard - provides unduplicated credit enrollment counts on dates selected by the user. Careful selection of term/dates is required. It is recommended that users complete the training program entitled Retention and SSH Dashboards.

  • Student Retention Dashboard - displays student retention for user selected terms/dates. Filtering is provided by student demographic selections.

  • Student Semester Hours (SSH) by Day Dashboard - displays student semester hours for user selected dates by enrollment type, degree objective, financial aid, student demographics, and top courses. Careful selection of term and dates is required. It is recommended that users complete the training program entitled Retention and SSH Dashboards.

Location of Dashboards

Dashboards are located in the College's primary SharePoint site entitled "One College Support." Access is limited. (Instructions)


These training opportunites are available to those persons with access to the dashboads.

  • Introduction: Accessing and Navigating the Dashboard - This training program is intended for new dashboard users. (Presentation)

  • Using dashboards for Student Success, Drilling-Down - This is intended for those users who require greater detail in reports. (under development)

  • Retention and SSH Dashboards -