FAQs - Exploring This Site

What are the main areas of this site?

There are three main sections of the site, corresponding to the three initiatives of SPC's Quality Enhancement Plan: Student Success, Professional Development, and Critical Thinking Resources. Student Success addresses student activities, critical thinking in the classroom and on the job, critical thinking assessment, and critical thinking ePortfolios. Professional Development focuses on Critical Thinking Institutes, Academic Round Tables, and online instruction. Critical Thinking Resources currently has library and online resources and will have discipline-specific instructional portfolios and an RLO repository as these materials are developed by faculty. Links to tools and help are located along the left side.

What is on this site?

Consult the Site Map.

Why can't I get to all the pages?

A couple links contained in this site are to SPC's ANGEL Learning Management System or to the St. Petersburg Online Communicator (SPOC), both requiring an SPC employee login.

Is this a site geared for faculty, staff, or students?

This site is primarily geared for faculty, although there is useful information on the Student Success area for faculty and staff to provide to students to help them think about critical thinking in the classroom, on campus, and on the job.