Professional Development - Critical Thinking Conferences

Professional Development Conferences and the QEP

Faculty Champions will receive specialized professional development that will assist them in becoming a resource for their fellow faculty and staff, such as attending conferences and other events that focus on critical thinking. St. Petersburg College places a higher priority to funding faculty professional development for conferences that emphasize critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Institutes at SPC

The Critical Thinking Institute is held each fall at St. Petersburg College to provide a venue for faculty and staff to come together to focus on critical thinking. Participants hear from critical thinking experts and also share and learn from their colleagues. These events, held on-campus on a rotating basis, are also opportunities for Faculty Champions and Academic Round Tables (ARTs) to report on their experience and progress.

To recommend local critical thinking experts in your field who might be willing to facilitate a workshop on developing critical thinking skills in your discipline, please submit the Critical Thinking Expert form.

Narrowing the Gulf at SPC

A critical thinking track has been added to the Narrowing the Gulf Conference held annually in the spring at SPC, to include nationally known speakers and discipline-specific critical thinking experts to facilitate workshops for that track.

To recommend critical thinking experts who might be willing to facilitate a workshop on developing critical thinking skills, please submit the Critical Thinking Expert form.

Options for Professional Development

Options for professional development include a number of conferences that focus on critical thinking. 

In addition, there is a three-credit graduate-level course on critical thinking offered online by Sonoma State College in collaboration with the Foundation for Critical Thinking.

Discipline-Specific Conferences with Critical Thinking Themes




Paralegal and Criminal Justice

Science and Technology

Social Sciences


Check for other conferences via Conference Alerts. To recommend a conference or event be added to the list above, please submit the Critical Thinking Conference/Event form.