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Subject: Form Submission (Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs))


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Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)

Thank you for submitting your Critical Thinking Activity/RLO idea. Please forward this message and attach any supplemental files (e.g., Handouts, PowerPoints, etc.) to


Title of Critical Thinking Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Critical Thinking: Timing Exercise


Briefly describe or summarize the Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: The RLO is a reaction time game. When the circle turns green the student clicks the mouse (left click). The screen records how long it takes for the student to click after the circle turns green. If the student clicks too early that is also noted, but the time is not recorded. The average reaction time is calculated and updated each time the student clicks.


Subject Area(s) - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Veterinary Technology


What is(are) the Major Learning Outcome(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (from course outline)?

Your Answer: The student will acquire knowledge of and practice in training techniques used on small animals. This will be done through enhancing their timing with the secondary reinforcer.


What is(are) the Course Objective(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (stated in performance terms)?

Your Answer: The student will acquire knowledge of and practice in training techniques used on small animals by completing training of a dog and a cat.


Type of Activity/RLO - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Individual


Time - How much time does it take to conduct this Activity/RLO?

Your Answer: Portion of One Class


List the materials that are necessary to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: computer, flash player, time, motivation


Instructions - Give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer:


Pretend the circle is an animal and when it changes color it is performing a wanted behavior. When the circle changes color click your mouse on the black screen a reaction time will appear in a column on the right hand side of the black screen. Your reaction times will be averaged at the bottom of the column. If you click too soon the screen will flash 'Not Yet' When the game is finished the screen will contain comments about the speed of your reaction time.

  • When in relation to the behavior should you click your clicker (reinforce the behavior)?
  • How does reinforcement timing (clicking before, during or after the behavior) affect an animal's behavior?
  • How does reinforcement timing affect your ability to communicate with an animal?


List Additional Resources, for example: Web address/URL, Handouts, PowerPoint, etc. Copy/Paste URLs here. Later, when you receive your confirmation message, forward any supplemental files to the QEP Director.


SPC established as its definition of critical thinking: The active and systemic process of communication, problem solving, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and reflection, both individually and in community, to foster understanding, support sound decision-making, and guide action.


Which aspect(s) of critical thinking does this Activity/RLO address? - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Communication, Problem-solving, Evaluation, Analysis, Synthesis


How will this improve our students’ ability to think critically?

Your Answer: 

Communication- Student understands reinforcement must be timed correctly to have the proper affect.

Problem-solving- Student  knows reinforcement can be too early, properly timed, or too late.

Evaluation- Student evaluates why different reinforcement timing has different behavioral results.

Analysis- Student analyzes which reinforcement pattern is best to use.

Synthesis- Student uses knowledge from websites, text, and experience to come to a conclusion.


Have you consulted the Activity/RLO Guidelines?

Your Answer: Yes


If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact Janice Thiel at or call (727) 341-3110