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Subject:                          Form Submission (Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs))


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Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)

Thank you for submitting your Critical Thinking Activity/RLO idea. Please forward this message and attach any supplemental files (e.g., Handouts, PowerPoints, etc.) to


Title of Critical Thinking Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Elements and Standards Learning Tool


Briefly describe or summarize the Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: This is an interactive web-based tool developed by the Foundation for Critical Thinking to help explain the interaction of the elements of thoughts with the intellectual standards. It prompts users with questions about their own thinking and suggests prompts to lead others into critical thinking.


Subject Area(s) - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Business Technologies, College of Education, College of Nursing, College of Orthotics and Prosthetics, College of Technology & Management, Communications, Dental Hygiene, Engineering Technology, Ethics, Fine & Applied Arts, Mathematics, Natural Science, Paralegal Studies, Public Safety, Social Science, Veterinary Technology


What is(are) the Major Learning Outcome(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (from course outline)?

Your Answer: Examples: From ENC 1102: The student will comprehend and interpret literary selections. From LIS 1002: The student will demonstrate the ability to critically assess the value of resources for specific information needs and purposes. From POS 2041: The student will demonstrate understanding of the various philosophical, cultural and political experiences that impacted the creation and evolution of principles and values of the American political system.


What is(are) the Course Objective(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (stated in performance terms)?

Your Answer: From ENC 1102: using textual evidence to interpret and evaluate a given literary selection. From LIS 1002: applying evaluation criteria to determine authority, accuracy, and overall appropriateness for purpose and audience. From POS 2041: examining the values and theories incorporated in the Declaration of Independence


Type of Activity/RLO - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Individual, Small Group


Time - How much time does it take to conduct this Activity/RLO?

Your Answer: Portion of One Class


List the materials that are necessary to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Computer, Internet connection, LCD projector


Instructions - Give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: This RLO can be used to explain the elements and standards of critical thinking or to suggest questions that promote critical thinking


List Additional Resources, for example: Web address/URL, Handouts, PowerPoint, etc. Copy/Paste URLs here. Later, when you receive your confirmation message, forward any supplemental files to the QEP Director.

Your Answer:


SPC established as its definition of critical thinking: The active and systemic process of communication, problem solving, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and reflection, both individually and in community, to foster understanding, support sound decision-making, and guide action.


Which aspect(s) of critical thinking does this Activity/RLO address? - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Reflection


How will this improve our students’ ability to think critically?

Your Answer: This model addresses the active and systematic process of critical thought and asks questions that encourage students to think critically


Have you consulted the Activity/RLO Guidelines?

Your Answer: Yes


If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact Janice Thiel at or call (727) 341-3110