From:                              Todd VanAuken

Sent:                               Thursday, July 08, 2010 9:33 PM

To:                                   Janice Thiel

Subject:                          Form Submission (Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs))


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Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)

Thank you for submitting your Critical Thinking Activity/RLO idea. Please forward this message and attach any supplemental files (e.g., Handouts, PowerPoints, etc.) to


Title of Critical Thinking Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Imaging Evaluation of the Cervical Spine


Briefly describe or summarize the Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Students will learn about traumatic cervical spine injuries and techniques to image, evaluate , and interpret anatomy and fractures.


Subject Area(s) - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Allied Health


What is(are) the Major Learning Outcome(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (from course outline)?

Your Answer: •Students will develop the knowledge base required of an entry-level radiographer. •Students will develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required of an entry-level radiographer.


What is(are) the Course Objective(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (stated in performance terms)?

Your Answer: -Students will become oriented with the portable x-ray machine and exams.


Type of Activity/RLO - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Individual


Time - How much time does it take to conduct this Activity/RLO?

Your Answer: Portion of One Class


List the materials that are necessary to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Students must have computer/laptop and internet access


Instructions - Give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: After completing the first RLO, students will perform this activity and take the quiz upon completion.


List Additional Resources, for example: Web address/URL, Handouts, PowerPoint, etc. Copy/Paste URLs here. Later, when you receive your confirmation message, forward any supplemental files to the QEP Director.

Your Answer:


SPC established as its definition of critical thinking: The active and systemic process of communication, problem solving, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and reflection, both individually and in community, to foster understanding, support sound decision-making, and guide action.


Which aspect(s) of critical thinking does this Activity/RLO address? - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Problem-solving, Evaluation, Analysis


How will this improve our students’ ability to think critically?

Your Answer: Students will learn the importance of portable exams as well as good quality diagnostic images for proper fracture evaluation.


Have you consulted the Activity/RLO Guidelines?

Your Answer: Yes


If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact Janice Thiel at or call (727) 341-3110