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Subject:                          Form Submission (Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs))


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Critical Thinking Activities & Reusable Learning Objects (RLOs)

Thank you for submitting your Critical Thinking Activity/RLO idea. Please forward this message and attach any supplemental files (e.g., Handouts, PowerPoints, etc.) to


Title of Critical Thinking Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: Why Critique Research?


Briefly describe or summarize the Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: The activity provides a brief summary of some of the challenges with using published research. The user is given several examples, an activity, and an assessment at the end of the RLO. The user also has opportunity to provide feedback with regard to the RLO. The last segment of the RLO provides resources including a glossary of terms used in the content.


Subject Area(s) - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: College of Nursing


What is(are) the Major Learning Outcome(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (from course outline)?

Your Answer: MLO Number 5 from Nursing Research (NUR 4165): The student will apply the critiquing process to research studies.


What is(are) the Course Objective(s) addressed by this Activity/RLO (stated in performance terms)?

Your Answer: The student will apply the critiquing process to research studies by: a. identifying the purpose of the critiquing process. b. evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a research report. The student will analyze the current status of research utilization within nursing practice by: a. identifying barriers to research utilization. b. discussing strategies for improving research utilization.


Type of Activity/RLO - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Individual, Small Group


Time - How much time does it take to conduct this Activity/RLO?

Your Answer: Portion of One Class


List the materials that are necessary to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: n/a


Instructions - Give detailed step-by-step instructions on how to conduct this Activity/RLO:

Your Answer: This activity would most appropriately support week one activities in NUR 4165; Students should have access to link; After going through content, the student should do the activity and take the quiz; Possible follow up (reflection)on a discussion board.


List Additional Resources, for example: Web address/URL, Handouts, PowerPoint, etc. Copy/Paste URLs here. Later, when you receive your confirmation message, forward any supplemental files to the QEP Director.

Your Answer:


SPC established as its definition of critical thinking: The active and systemic process of communication, problem solving, evaluation, analysis, synthesis, and reflection, both individually and in community, to foster understanding, support sound decision-making, and guide action.


Which aspect(s) of critical thinking does this Activity/RLO address? - Select all that apply:

Your Answer: Evaluation


How will this improve our students’ ability to think critically?

Your Answer: This activity reinforces the reasoning skills needed to understand and support sound decision making in the area of evaluating and critiquing research.


Have you consulted the Activity/RLO Guidelines?

Your Answer: Yes


If you have any questions or comments about this form, please contact Janice Thiel at or call (727) 341-3110