Podcasting allows you to create audio and video files that can be uploaded to the Internet for students and colleagues to download onto their desktops, laptops, or iPod or other portable MP3 player. SPC maintains a portal, iTunesU, for SPC-developed podcasts.

SPC iTunesU

Podcasting is an Internet technology that educators can use to provide students with course materials they can use anytime, anyplace, even when they are not connected to a computer. You can use podcasting to deliver course content in audio, video, and/or graphic formats.

The term podcast implies the ability to deliver programs like other broadcast media but it has some significant differences and advantages:

(Above information provided by UW-Madison.)

St. Petersburg College's Web & Instructional Technology (WITS) Department has developed training via ANGEL for iTunes U and Podcasting. The course focuses on Research/Best Practices and the Planning of podcasts. It also includes a number of resources that instructors could use. For more information contact your Campus Instructional Technologist.

SPC iTunesU Login Page

SPC iTunes U is an online portal from which students and others can listen to audio (podcasts) and view video segments (vodcasts). Podcasts can be instructional or promotional in nature.

Visitors to SPC iTunes U can download (i.e., copy) podcasts and listen to them on their computers using free Apple iTunes software. They can also copy these to portable players such as an iPod for on-the-go listening.

Access to SPC podcasts is moderated by logging in at: www.SPCollege.edu/iTunesU and each section has limited access:

Access to podcasts can also originate from the student’s ANGEL course via a link in the course content.

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