St. Petersburg Online Communicator (SPOC)


St. Petersburg Online Communicator (SPOC) was developed by St. Petersburg College's Web & Instructional Technology (WITS) Department as a suite of tools designed for synchronous and asynchronous communications in online classes. SPOC users simply need a high speed internet connection with a Flash enabled web browser to allow real-time collaborative learning from anywhere.

To use any of the SPOC tools described below, go to SPOC Central (requires SPC employee login and password - at least one SPC faculty or staff member must set up the tool.)

Web Conferencing

Allows full audio, video, chat and website interaction for up to 12 participants and an instructor. Instructors can easily identify and manage the participant connections to ensure high quality connectivity. This is an excellent tool for virtual presentations and meetings for groups of 2 to 12 students. All participants need webcams and headsets with microphones in order to take full advantage of this tool functionality.

Two-way Video Chat

Allows two users to interact via audio, video and text chat. Use this tool to conduct virtual office hours, interviews and other one to one interactions.

Faculty Video Recorder

Allows you to create short video snippets up to 4 minutes in length and easily place them in your course or website.

Desktop Presenter

The Desktop Presenter tool will allow the presenter to share in real-time their computer desktop to participants. The presenter can share an application such as Excel to explain difficult concepts or show a PowerPoint presentation. Anything on the instructor's computer can be displayed to the participants. The instructor and participants have the ability to interact with each other either through a text chat window or using a microphone on their machine.

NOTE - Presenters need to download the Desktop Sharing Presenter Application from SPOC Central.

Student Video Feedback Recorder (ANGEL drop box only)

Allows the student to create a video recording within the ANGEL drop box tool and submit the video recording. The instructor provides feedback within the student video submission. Students can review the instructor feedback. NOTE - This tool can only be used within the ANGEL Drop Box tool.

Online Office Hours

This tool allows a user to conduct office hours with individual students in an online format. The administrator of the office hours is able to text chat as well as send video and audio to an individual participant. The participants will know when the administrator of the office hours is online or away. The individuals line up in cue while the person conducting the office hours is chatting to another individual. The participants "waiting in line" know how many people are ahead and behind them in line.