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About us

  • Our mission

    Our mission is to promote ethics education and ethical awareness in the Tampa Bay region. The Applied Ethics Institute prepares students for responsible and ethical citizenship and informed and active participation in our community and local professional arena.

    The Institute serves as a community resource through seminars, lectures, ethics training and continuing education programs to meet specific needs, and extends its influence to the global community through the Internet and online instruction.The Institute offers programs in three broad areas of service:

    • Students
    • Community
    • Professionals

    Applied Ethics Program

    The Applied Ethics Program at St. Petersburg College was created in 1985 and has grown into a nationally recognized leader in community college ethics education. In the mid 1980s, the college began requiring that every Associate in Arts degree seeking student pass a stand-alone Applied Ethics course.

    The required courses provide a balanced overview of philosophical foundations, social issues and ethical concerns relevant to business and professional life. A strong theme of critical thinking and ethical decision making are woven through all the courses.

    Courses offered by the Applied Ethics Program at St. Petersburg College include:

    • Ethics for Educators, a statewide online course for Florida K-12 teachers
    • Ethics in Popular Culture and Entertainment
    • Honors Studies in Applied Ethics
    • Studies in Applied Ethics (choose one of four topics including Healthcare, Professional, Public Safety or General)
    • Critical Thinking and Decision Making

    For more information about the programs offered by the Applied Ethics Institute, please complete our contact form, email Hobson.Gloria@spcollege.edu  or call our office at 727-341-4335.

  • The Applied Ethics program and faculty members have received numerous awards including: