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Fire In-Service Registration

  • How to Register and Access Online CEU Classes in MyCourses

    1. Register and Pay

    • Under each course name you will find a description of the course and the link ‘Registration Form’
    • Print and complete the registration form in its entirety
    • You MUST include your SPC student ID (if you have one already) and/or your Bureau of Fire Standards and Training (BFST) student number
    • If you do not have a student number, one will be assigned to you at the time you register for this course. More information under login…
    • All registration forms must be returned signed (return information on form)
    • Please allow 1-2 business days, from the time we receive your registration, for processing

    2. Finding your student number and establishing your password

    • Once you have paid and are in the system (after 1-2 business days)
    • Go to MySPC at https://my.spcollege.edu 
    • On “MySPC” homepage (in center of page) click on “Look Up Your User ID/Student Number” and follow the directions
    • Once you have your student number, return to the “MySPC” homepage (in center of page) and click on create a password and follow directions

    3. Login to your course

    • Once you have a student ID number and password you may access your course through MyCourses at: https://mycourses.spcollege.edu/login.asp 
    • When you login, you'll see a link for the class you enrolled in.
    • If you have any problems with accessing the courses you can contact the Help Desk at 727-791-2795

    General Information

    • The online CEU program will offer additional courses in the future and is designed to be offered continuously.
    • You may register and pay for any course anytime.
    • You have approximately 60 days to complete your selected course. After 60 days you will have to re-register and re-pay for the course.
    • Each course is designed to be approximately 3 to 4 hours in length.
    • The CEUs will vary depending on the course.
    • There is a short quiz at the end of each course that must be passed with a minimum of 70% to be successful.
    • After passing the quiz, you will be able to print a certificate of successful completion.
    • The courses will be audited weekly and updated accordingly.
    • Once you have successfully completed the course we will enter information into FCDICE for CEU credit.
    • If you have any general questions, comments, or concerns about the CEU program, please feel free to contact Gabrielle Bain, Program Coordinator at 727-302-6853 or bain.gabrielle@spcollege.edu 
    • If you have any problems with accessing the courses you can contact the Help Desk at 727-791-2795
  • How to Register for On-site Classes in Lumens

    • Go to this link to get started.
    • Once you’ve created your profile and login, select “Courses” from the Menu on the left.
    • Under the Public Safety category, select “Fire Science In-service Training”.
    • Find the course you would like to “Register and Enroll” into, select “Add To Cart” and then proceed to checkout.
    • Confirm your selection(s), by clicking “View Cart”, then click on the “Checkout” icon.
    • Enter your credit card information as method of payment and select “Process Payment”. If your agency will be submitting payment through check or agency account you will need to contact SPC’s Fire Inservice Department at 727-302-6873 or bain.gabrielle@spcollege.edu to complete your registration.

    Contact us with any questions, 727-302-6873 or email bain.gabrielle@spcollege.edu 

    How to Register 1
    How to Register 1