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Student Life Skills

  • Student Life Skills

    Designed to assist with academic and life success skills, Student Life Skills courses help students:

    • Develop study and time management and critical thinking skills, test-taking strategies, stress management skills and more
    • Reach their academic and life goals through Individualized Learning Plans and Career Exploration opportunities
    • Access college resources to enhance success through caring faculty and mentors
  • SLS 0003   Topics in Student Successcredits: 1

    This course is designed to focus on specific strategies for empowering developmental students to become active, responsible learners, leading to success both in college and life. Students will engage in a variety of learner-centered activities that will assist and motivate students to take charge of their academic, career, and life goals. (Note: Students who place into two (2) areas of remediation are required to take SLS 1101 or SLS 0003.)

    SLS 1101   The College Experiencecredits: 3

    This course is designed to strengthen skills essential to success in college, with further applications to post-college plans. Included are study and test-taking strategies; effective interpersonal skills; time management techniques; creative and critical thinking skills; college services and resources; educational policies, procedures, regulations and terminology; and library resources, research strategies, and information skills for online, blended, and traditional learning environments. Students testing into one or more college prep courses are required to take SLS 1101.

    SLS 1126   Faculty-Peer Mentoring Experiencecredits: 1

    Mentoring refers to a formalized process whereby a student is positively socialized by his or her mentor(s) into the college experience and the college community. The student will participate in mentoring relationships that will include one or more members of the SPC community. The mentor will assist the student in developing a skillset, a level of awareness, and a network to increase the likelihood of success in college. Students testing into one or more college prep courses are required to take SLS 1101 and SLS 1126.

    Pre or Corequisite: SLS 1101

    SLS 1264   Leadership Development Seminarcredits: 3

    This course focuses on the development of leadership skills. It provides a basic understanding of leadership and group dynamics theory and will assist the student in developing a personal philosophy of leadership and an awareness of the moral and ethical responsibilities of leadership. Topics include decision making, leadership ethics, goal formation, building trust, empowering others, conflict resolution, and managing organizational change. The course will integrate readings and films from classic works of literature, contemporary multi-cultural writing, and experiential learning exercises with current leadership theories and practices.

    SLS 1301   Career and Life Planningcredits: 1-3

    This course assists students in identifying aptitudes, interests, and values as related to career decision-making and is individualized to personal lifestyles. Employment and future trends in careers will be explored.

    SLS 1501   Study Skills for Academic Successcredits: 1

    This is a course to develop academic study skills, including strategies for time management, vocabulary building, reading, listening, note-taking, test-taking, memory, library research skills, and coping with test anxiety. It is designed to increase students' confidence and competence in study skills techniques. Recommended for students who wish to improve the skills necessary for academic success.

    SLS 1711   Peer Classroom/Laboratory Tutoring and Proctoringcredits: 2-3

    Under the supervision of an instructor, the student (hereafter called "tutor") does peer tutoring/proctoring in individualized classroom or laboratory learning situations. The emphasis is on the one-to-one helping relationship in an academic area in which the peer tutor/proctor has competence.(Note: A maximum of 8 credits can be received for this course. 4 contact hours, 2 credit hours; 6 contact hours, 3 credit hours.)

    SLS 2221   Assertiveness Trainingcredits: 1

    This course is designed to promote the growth of an individual's self esteem and self-worth through the clarification, understanding, and development of assertive behavior. The classroom sessions will focus on interventions which enable students to recognize and change unsatisfying forms of behavior.

    SLS 2223   Stress Managementcredits: 1

    This course is designed to assist the student in understanding the concept of stress, identifying the causes and effects of stress, and identifying and implementing methods of modifying and coping with stress. Emphasis will be placed on promoting self-awareness of personal stresses and choosing appropriate interventions for the management of stress.

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