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Substantive Change

  • As SPC strives to better serve our students, we work hard to ensure we maintain quality and our good standing with our accreditors, particularly with regard to substantive change.

    The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC) defines “substantive change” as the “significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution.” When required, SACS-COC approval must be received prior to initiation of changes. When considering a change, and to ensure all substantive changes are reported to SACS-COC in a timely fashion, refer to:

    If you are considering a change to the established mission or objectives of the institution; or changes in legal status, form of control, or ownership of the institution; or addition of courses or programs of study at a degree or credential above baccalaureate level; contact the SACS-COC Accreditation Liaison to ensure proper notification to SACS-COC.

    For other changes, complete the Substantive Change Form to help determine the type of change and reporting requirements. You will be contacted by the SACS-COC Accreditation Liaison if any further information is necessary for SACS-COC notification.

    Acceptance Letters from SACS-COC

    Date      Category Degree or Certificate Program
    1/9/2017  Program Closure Orthotics and Prosthetics, B.A.S.
    10/14/2016  Teach-Out Eckerd College Program for Experienced Learners (PEL)
    9/12/2016  Program Modification Orthotics and Prosthetics A.S. (Hours Reduction)
    New Programs and Certificates Biomedical Engineering Technology A.S.
    6/23/2016  New Programs and Certificates

    Program Closure

    Program Modification

    Audio Technology Certificate
    Community Health Worker Certificate
    Supply Chain Management Certificate
    Social and Human Services A.S.

    Aviation Maintenance Technology (Teach-Out)
    Maternal and Health Worker ATD (Teach-Out)
    Human Services - Alcohol/Substance Abuse A.S.
    Human Services - Social Services A.S.

    Addiction Studies Certificate (Hours Reduction)
    Orthotics and Prosthetics A.S. (Hours Reduction)

    6/11/2016  New Programs and Certificates

    Program Closure
    Fire Officer Supervisor Certificate
    Fire Fighter/EMT PSAV

    Interactive Web Design (Teach-Out)
    2/8/2016  New Programs and Certificates Biotechnology A.S.
    10/1/2015  New Programs and Certificates

    Program Modification

    Program Closure

    Computer Information Technology A.S.
    Help Desk Support Specialist Certificate
    Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations Certificate

    IT Security name change to Cyber Security

    Technology Management AS
    Fire Inspector I and II Certificates
    Fire Investigator I Certificate
    Fire Officer I and II Certificates
    Video Game Foundations
    7/27/2015  Teach-Out On behalf of Clearwater Christian College
    7/15/2015  Program Modifications College of Business
    Digital Media
    1/29/2015  New Programs and Certificates Computer Programmer Certificate
    Infant and Toddler Specialization Certificate
    Preschool Specialization Certificate
    9/08/2014  Program Closure Critical Care ATC
    Emergency Care ATC
    Sepsis Awareness and Education ATC
    8/25/2014  Program Modifications College of Computer Information & Technology
    7/08/2014  Program Closure Veterinary Management Certificate
    9/18/2013  Dual Credit Sites Countryside High School
     9/17/2013  New Programs and Certificates Health Sciences, AS
    5/13/2013  Program Closure Parks & Leisure Services (PALS) Program 
    4/01/2013  Embedded Certificate Engineering Technology Support Certificate 
    3/18/2013  Program Closure Medical Laboratory Technology, AS
      1/23/2013  Embedded Certificates Addendum See addendum for list of omitted certificates from original letter
     1/07/2013  Embedded Certificates See verification letter for list of certificates
    12/17/2012  Accreditation Verification International Language Institute (ILI)
    (Non-Credit Intensive English Program)
    11/26/2012  Dual Credit Sites Dixie Hollins High School
    Lakewood High School
    East Lake High School
    8/27/2012  Site Accreditation Accreditation of All SPC Sites
    7/11/2012  Program Modifications

    Industrial Management Technology (AAS to AS)
    Addiction Studies Certificate
    Associate in Science Degree in Music Industry/Recording Arts
    Educator Preparation Institute (Content Areas Reduction)

    7/11/2012   New Programs and Certificates CPLUS-CT C++
    JAVA-CT Java
    MBLDVC-CT Mobile Device
    OPNSRC-CT Open Source
    VBNET-CT Visual Basic.NET
    7/11/2012   Program Closure Banking BAS
     7/11/2012   Program Closure Business Technology Education, BAS
    Technology Education, BAS
    1/3/2012 New Programs and Certificates Digital Media Technology
    Interactive Web Design
    Food and Beverage Specialist
    Rapid Prototyping and Design
    Rooms Division Operations
    Rooms Division Specialist
    Computer Support Certificate
    Pre-Kindergarten/Primary Education, BS
    9/14/2011 Dual Credit Sites Boca Ciega High School
    Seminole High School
    9/1/2011 Program Closure Accounting, AS
    6/27/2011 Program Consolidation Engineering Technology, AS
    Healthcare Informatics, AS
    Business Technologies, AS
    (Teach-out of consolidated programs and associated certificates)
    2/23/2011 Site Relocation - New Facilities Veterinary Technology - Special Purpose Center
    11/16/2010 Dual Credit Sites Gibbs High School
    8/16/2010 Dual Credit Sites Clearwater High School
    Largo High School
    Dunedin High School
    Tarpon Springs High School
    8/9/2010 New Programs and Certificates Public Policy and Administration, BAS
    3/3/2010 New Programs and Certificates Music Industry Recording Arts, AS
    11/19/2009 New Programs and Certificates Biology, BS
    8/25/2009 Dual Credit Sites  Admiral Farragut Academy
    Calvary Christian High School
    Clearwater Central Catholic High School
    Northeast High School
    Northside Christian
    Pinellas Park High School 
    St. Petersburg Catholic High School 
    10/9/2009 New Programs and Certificates Photographic Technology, AS
    6/1/2009 New Programs and Certificates Business Administration, BAS
    Sustainability Management, BAS
    Environmental Science Technology, AS