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General Studies (A.A.)

  • Guaranteed transfer to state universities - Florida's 2+2 system

  • Common prerequisites

  • Plan ahead for your major

  • Transfer checklist

  • Associate in Arts Degree - General Studies
    University Transfer to Bachelor's Degree

    The Associate in Arts degree is designed to transfer to a bachelor's degree at a state university or SPC. 

    SPC offers A.A. transfer plans, including programs that guarantee your admission to a four-year major at the following universities:

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    Once you have earned your A.A. from SPC, you are guaranteed admission as a junior to one of the state’s public universities to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or certain Bachelor of Science degrees. In Florida, this is called the 2+2 system, which allows you to pursue a bachelor’s degree by first attending a state or community college and then transferring to a four-year institution. At SPC, you take the same general education courses you would take as a freshman and sophomore at a university, but you get smaller classes and lower tuition costs - about 40 percent less than Florida’s public universities.

    Exceptions to the 2+2 guarantee

    The 2+2 guarantee, however, does not automatically grant you admission to high demand universities or certain limited access programs and majors, as access to these is very competitive. Admission to these programs may require an additional admission process and can be based on GPA and completing the foreign language requirement and all common prerequisites.

  • Most bachelor’s degree programs require you complete specific coursework before you are admitted to a State University System major or program. These are called common prerequisites. Some majors require few common prerequisites, leaving you with many choices in the courses they take. On the other hand, many majors have specific and detailed prerequisites that require careful course selection to satisfy the 36-hour general education and the 24-hour elective requirements.

    If you are working toward an A.A. degree, you should see an academic advisor and choose a program of study or major as early as possible so you can identify the courses you need. You can find the requirements for about 250 university majors and track your progress toward completion through the A.A. transfer evaluation tool on the FloridaShines website.

  • It's important to choose your intended major and university early in your coursework at SPC. Taking courses that meet the program admission requirements at your chosen university will mean a smoother transition and less headaches.

    Plan ahead to make sure you meet all the requirements needed to transfer:

    1. General education requirements needed to earn an A.A. degree
    2. Common prerequisites specific to the university program desired

    NOTE: Florida law now requires students who transfer to one of the state universities to complete their bachelor’s degrees with the fewest courses possible. SPC academic advisors assist students in selecting the courses they will need.

    • Identify a program of study early in your A.A. degree path by the time you complete 24 credits
    • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss degree requirements and transfer options
    • Use the advising audits on the FloridaShines website to find requirements and track your progress toward A.A. graduation and transfer
    • Check with the transfer services office at the college or university to which you are transferring to obtain information on transfer policies, financial aid opportunities and other assistance
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