Early College and Early Admission Program Experience

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The ECP classroom is a place that provides support, advisement, and a quiet study environment when students are on campus. It also houses the ECP Academic Counselor along with numerous computers for research and study purposes. Students are invited to utilize the classroom and the resources available throughout the school day.

Resources available for all Early College and Early Admission students:

  • Weekly seminars discussing academic success, college and career information/planning, Bright Futures Scholarship, other financial aid information
  • Daily sign-in with academic counselor
  • Study groups
  • Development of goal setting, goal monitoring and self-advocacy skills
  • One-on-one advising
  • Credit checks are shared each semester to monitor successful completion of high school and the A.A. degree graduation requirements
  • Strong culture of positive peer support
  • And much more

The following resources that are available to all SPC students, including ECP/EA students: