High School Options at SPC

Accelerate your studies at St. Petersburg College

Earn college credit while you’re still in high school. Through St. Petersburg College, you can take high school and SPC courses at the same time. Best of all, classes and books are free to qualified students. Find out if you are eligible.

All programs are open to Pinellas County students in public, private and home-education programs:

  • Dual Enrollment (DE) - Part-time program whereby students attend college courses at SPC or at their high school to earn credits toward fulfilling high school graduation requirements, while earning credits toward a college degree

  • Early College (ECP) - Full-time program whereby students spend their junior and senior years attending all classes at SPC campuses to work toward simultaneously obtaining a high school diploma from their assigned school and an Associate in Arts degree from SPC

  • Early Admission (EA) - Full-time program whereby Pinellas County public school students spend their senior year attending all classes at SPC campuses, completing high school graduation requirements while earning credits toward a college degree

  • St. Petersburg Collegiate High School (SPCHS) also referred to as CHS - Full-time high school located on the SPC SP/G Campus. The school serves students in grades 10-12 and students are expected to simultaneously earn a high school diploma and an Associate in Arts degree

College Credit Options for High School Students

Grade Enrolled in grades 6-12 Entering Grade 11 Entering Grade 12 (Pinellas Public School students only)
Academics GPA of 3.0+ (academic) or 2.0+ (career) and qualifying test scores GPA of 3.0+ (academic) and qualifying test scores GPA of 3.0+ (academic) and qualifying test scores
Full/Part-time status Part-time Full-time Full-time
Location of Classes Select SPC campuses
or High School campus
SPC Clearwater, Seminole, and Tarpon Springs campuses SPC Clearwater, Seminole, St. Petersburg / Gibbs, and Tarpon Springs campuses
Application Deadline NO Feb. 12 Feb. 12
Permission from High School YES NO YES
Random Lottery System NO YES YES
Limited Enrollment NO YES YES
Cost of Tuition Covered YES YES YES
Textbooks Covered PCS Students Only YES YES
Completion of A.A. Degree NO YES Dependent on prior college credit
Academic Coach Support NO YES YES