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Pinellas County Profile
Population of Pinellas County By Gender, Age and Ethnicity
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Credit Student History

Opening Fall Headcount Enrollment 1927-2003
History of Graduates 1929-2003

Opening Fall Credit Headcount

By Home Campus
Average Student Enrollment Load By Campus
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By Residency
By Type of Attendance
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End-of-Session Fall Credit Headcount

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Student Registration

Beginning the 2004-2005 Reporting year, FTE will be calculated using Student Semester Hours (SSH) / 30. The following tables were calculated using the previous formula where Student Semester Hours (SSH) / 40.

Actual Annual Student Semester Hours (SSH) and Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Enrollment by Course Classification
Full-Time Equivalent by Division Type and Semester
Full-Time Equivalent by Semester and Site
Total funded Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) by Site
Annual Full-Time Equivalent Enrollment by Discipline


Annual Unduplicated Enrollment-Credit/Non-Credit 1969-70 to 2002-2003
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment-Comparison of Enrollment to Completers by Gender and Ethnicity
Annual Unduplicated Enrollment in Programs
Annual Graduates by Program
Annual Non-Credit Headcount Enrollment


Room and Space Utilization
Students Transferring into State University System
First-Time-Tested Students' CLAST Passing Rates
First-Time-In-College Students' MAPS/CPT Passing/Failing Rates
Health Education Students National and State Passing Rates
Placement and Follow-up Report


Site Acreage and Acquisition Dates
Site Gross Square Footage and Replacement Costs


Number of College Employees by Gender
Number of College Employees by Ethnicity
Number of Full-time College A&P by Highest Degree Earned


Distribution of Revenue - General Current Fund
SPJC Revenues, Personal Expenses, Current Expenses, and Capital Outlay


Degree and Certificate Program Inventory
2000-2001 Employers by Programs
Accreditation Schedule
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