GED preparation at SPC


General Educational Development (GED) preparation classes are open to anyone 16 or older who is not enrolled in a Pinellas County public school. GED classes cost $30 per term ($90 per year). The registration fee for taking each of the four subject area tests is $32 for a total of $128.

Students take a preliminary test to see where they need review. Some programs require an appointment for the preliminary test. Instruction and review is personalized, based on specific questions missed on the preliminary test. In the class, students review all four subject areas on the GED test:

  • Reasoning Through Language Arts
  • Social studies
  • Science
  • Math

Anyone passing the GED in the state of Florida earns a diploma that says "State of Florida High School Diploma." A formal cap-and-gown graduation ceremony every September honors the achievements of our students. 

GED locations

GED preparation classes are offered on the Clearwater Campus, Downtown Center, Seminole Campus, St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus and Tarpon Springs Campus. View contact information and hours by location for GED preparation classes.


According to new legislation in the state of Florida, all adult education classes including GED and ESOL must charge a fee of $90 per year.  In Pinellas County GED students will be charged $30 per term (3 terms per year). Payments can be made in your GED classroom with cash or money orders (made payable to Workforce Education). 

From Florida Department of Education

GED Testing Service® has released a new version of the GED® Test on January 1, 2014. 

Individuals who have tested on the 2002 GED® Test Series must complete the new version of the GED. 

Scores from the 2002 Series Will Not be combined with scores for the new assessment.

Candidates who have not complete the 202 GED Test Series will have to meet the requirements of the new test, starting January 1, 2014.