iontuition logoiontuitionTM is a web-based tool provided to you at no cost to help you manage all of your student loans through a single portal. Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to a personalized profile showing your federal student loan and grant information. You can opt to receive loan status notifications via email or text message. You can even download the iontuitionTM app (iOS and Android) to receive reminders on your mobile device.

Features include: 

  • Live Chat with a Loan Counselor
  • Refreshable dashboard – see your loan status, balance, payment amount, due dates, interest accrual information, and your lender or servicer contacts
  • Android™ and Apple™ apps that lets you take iontuition wherever you go
  • Calculators that help you run payment optimization, income-based repayment, and consolidation scenarios
  • Budgeting tools
  • Cloud storage for important student loan documents
  • A Notepad to insert reminders and track conversations with lenders/servicers
  • Private student loan information by selecting from a growing list of private/alternative lenders
  • Bank-level security – visit the security page for details

How do I activate my account? 

You may activate through a single sign-on through MySPC. Use this Iontuition User Guide to help you create your account.

  • Go to the My Financial Aid section (don't click on the Financial Aid tab)
  • Select the iontuition link
  • Complete Sign up and select Register 
  • Read Terms of Use & select Accept and continue 
  • In the School Link section on the right side, enter your SSN twice and select Get School Updates 
  • Select ionManage to view your Financial Dashboard

i3 Group

The i3 Group will help you manage your student loan repayment options.

The i3 Group’s live student loan counselors can help with questions you have about your student loan repayment or postponement options.

These services are provided at no cost.

If you receive a call from i3 Group, they are calling on behalf of SPC.

Call 855-693-4932 (Monday - Thursday from 9 am - 9 pm EST and Friday from 9 am - 6 pm EST).