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The Believer Initiative allows students who aspire to be inducted into the National Achievers Society to participate in programs, activities and services to support academic achievement.

National Achievers Society

National Achievers Society
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Serving more than 25,000 Florida middle and high school students, the National Achievers Society (NAS) recognizes the academic excellence and cultural accomplishments of middle and high school students in Pinellas County.

NAS logoYou may be the next great success story 

The National Achievers Society wants to play a role in that story by:

  • Providing an alternative to athletic rewards
  • Introducing the academic, cultural and social contributions of minorities
  • Connecting with adult mentors
  • Encouraging community involvement and cultural awareness

NAS student qualifications 

  • Maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA with at least two A's and only one C (unless the C is in an advanced or honors class).
  • Demonstrate a positive example to others students
  • Be active in your community
  • Or be recognized for artistic talent and winning competitions at the regional, state or national levels

NAS members must:

  • Be sponsored by an adult (parent, principal or a counselor). Sponsors agree to attend the induction ceremony, purchase the Achiever's jacket, lapel pin and T-shirt (about $50) and serve as a significant presence and academic influence in the student’s life
  • Complete a community service project
  • Attend the annual state conference for NAS students

The Florida Education Fund, under the leadership of Lawrence Morehouse, is committed to the model and belief that the Center of Excellence program should permeate every community in Florida.