Testing at SPC


Taking a college placement test helps determine what reading, English and math courses you should register for at SPC. These are not pass/fail tests. Test scores are used to help you decide what level classes you should start with to help you be more successful. If you need help with your classes, SPC provides tutoring.

Contact an advisor if you are not sure of which what placement testing you need to complete.

New student tests, if required 

  • College Placement Test (CPT) (PERT, Accuplacer, SAT and ACT) scores determine if you are at college level in reading, English and math. CPT test scores expire for placement purposes after two years. You will find information on college readiness, taking a placement test and preparing for a placement test on this page.
  • Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP) scores determine placement in English as a Second Language courses
  • Testing for SPC Distance Students (CPT) Basic Computer and Information Literacy Exam (CGS 1070 Opt Out Exam), Levels of English Proficiency (LOEP), Reading for Nursing, College Level Math Test
  • Testing for Non-SPC Students Proctoring services for students from other institutions

Current student tests 

Testing accommodations

Accessibility Services

Our Test Centers provide reasonable testing accommodations for students with disabilities. If you need accommodations, contact Accessibility Services before taking the CPT or other exams at an SPC testing center so arrangements can be made ahead of time.