Professor Emeriti Nominations


In spring 2011, the Faculty Governance Organization (FGO) reinstated the Professor Emeriti honorary program, with the approval of President Bill Law. Each year Professor Emeriti honorees will be presented at the annual Fall Faculty Welcome Back held in August.

Criteria for Professor Emeriti candidates

The rank of Professor Emeriti may be awarded to exceptional members of the faculty who have met the following criteria:

  • Are retired or have a confirmed retirement date with Human Resources
  • Shown excellence in teaching
  • Provided a minimum of 10 years of instruction at St. Petersburg College
  • Served for at least 25 years as an education professional
  • Made significant contributions to the body of knowledge within their discipline
  • Offered service to the college, the community and professional discipline (based upon length of service and degree of contribution.)

Privileges granted Emeriti

The privilege to carry out the responsibilities of emeriti is subject to any legal and/or state system of higher education and/or college restrictions. In addition, emeriti receive:

  • Assigned office space for research, if available
  • Listing with the faculty in the college catalogues and other appropriate publications
  • Receipt of special campus publications, announcements and event invitations, as determined by the President
  • Invitations to participate in public ceremonies, commencement, processions and convocation
  • Participation in appropriate college seminars, colloquia, lectures, ad hoc committees and other scholarly pursuits
  • Opportunity to serve in a volunteer capacity in accordance with Board of Trustees
  • Use of college recreational and social facilities in accordance with college policy
  • Library privileges
  • College e-mail account
  • College ID badge and parking sticker
  • Business cards

The nomination process

CalendarWhile nominations are accepted and reviewed by the Committee year-round, all materials must be received no later than March 15 to be considered for the upcoming Fall Faculty Welcome Back in August. Materials received later than March 15 will be held for consideration in the following year.
  1. Complete the online form to nominate a colleague or yourself. Nominations will be accepted from dean or administrator, academic chair, colleague or self.
  2. Upon recommendation, the nominees will be notified of their nominations.
  3. To complete the process, the nominee or a representative of the nominee must submit a portfolio for review by the Selection Committee. Portfolios may be submitted electronically to Please include the nominee’s name in the email Subject.
  4. Following the Selection Committee review, the full FGO Senate will review the nominees’ materials.
  5. Final approval of recommended candidates will be granted by the college President.
  6. Award recipients will be announced in June.

If you have questions regarding the nomination process, please e-mail or contact your FGO site rep.