Transfer student financial aid


If you are a transfer student, follow these steps to make the transition to SPC easy and successful:  

  1. Contact Financial Assistance Services at SPC as well as the financial assistance office at the institution you are currently attending to determine transfer policies.
  2. Financial Assistance Services will be able to access your FAFSA if you have listed SPC on the application. If SPC was not listed on the FAFSA, you will need to contact the federal processor at 800-433-3243 to add SPC. SPC's School Code is 001528. You will need the Data Release Number (DRN) provided on your Student Aid Report to add SPC.
  3. For Bright Futures recipients or other assistance programs from the state of Florida, contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance in Tallahassee at 888-827-2004.
  4. For Federal Stafford Loan recipients, notify your school of your plans to attend SPC. Federal Stafford Loans DO NOT transfer.