Arts and Entertainment programs


Our Arts, Humanities and Design classes can meet general education requirements and prepare you for a four-year major. You can also earn degrees in digital arts, music technology and photography.

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Digital Arts Certificates and A.S. Degree

Our Digital Arts, Media and Interactive Web Design programs prepare you for one of the fastest growing sectors in technology.

Music Technology at SPC

Music Technology A.S. Degree and Audio Technology Certificate

Our Music Industry Recording Arts (MIRA) A.S. Degree helps students develop “real world” skills that artists need to thrive in a diverse and competitive music industry. Our Audio Technology Certificate gives you three choices for concentration.


General Studies - Humanities

Humanities classes help you meet general education requirements for your A.A. degree and expose you to the human condition.

Music at SPC

General Studies - Performing Arts

Let your creative spirit soar in our performing arts classes, which apply toward your A.A. degree and prepare you for your four-year major.

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General Studies - Studio Arts

Express yourself in our Studio Arts courses, which apply to your A.A. degree and prepare you for further study.