SAP Appeals

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To submit a SAP Appeal, complete the E-form below. Additional supporting documentation can be submitted by E-Form as well.

If you have experienced extenuating circumstances beyond your control that prevented you from satisfying the requirements to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), you may appeal that status.

SAP Appeal decisions are determined on a case by case basis.

What type of appeal do I need to file?


Extenuating circumstances beyond a student's control include, but are not limited to:

  • Documented medical condition or serious illness
  • Documented learning disability
  • Death of a family member or friend
  • Domestic violence
  • Involuntary call to active military duty
  • Documented change in conditions of employment
  • Other extraordinary/emergency circumstances, such as natural disasters
  • Maximum Time Frame Appeals may include, but are not limited to the following:
    • Dislocated workers having to change vocations
    • Prior degree(s) can be considered contingent upon the circumstances for having to pursue an additional degree(s)

FAILED Financial Aid Academic Plan/Student Success Plan

Extenuating circumstances occurring during the term in which the student failed their Financial Aid Academic Plan:

  • Death of an immediate family member (spouse, mother, father, guardian, sister, brother, son or daughter)
  • Major medical issue (i.e. requires hospitalization) experienced by the student or an immediate family member of the student (as designated above)
  • Domestic violence
  • Involuntary call to active military duty
  • Other extreme circumstances (case by case basis)

The following circumstances are not considered extenuating and beyond the student's control, but based on personal choices:

  • Incarceration resulting from a guilty verdict
  • Voluntary pause, lapse, or termination of employment
  • Voluntary overtime
  • Young and irresponsible

What form do I need to submit?

Choose and complete the form that fits your situation.

 A verbal appeal will not be accepted.

What do I need to include in my appeal?

Student Success Plan  

Work with an Academic Advisor to complete an individualized Student Success Plan (SSP). You must accept the SSP through MySPC before your SAP appeal can be reviewed. If your appeal is due to Maximum Time Frame, have the academic advisor provide an expected graduation date on your SSP. As part of the SSP, you will also need to put a My Learning Plan (MLP) in place for the upcoming semesters. See instructions below for more details.

My Learning Plan 

Print and attach a copy of your My Learning Plan signed by an advisor or a Cyber Generalist (if you are a distance learner). You may also complete this as part of your Student Success Plan and have it noted by an Academic Advisor within the Student Success Plan screen in PeopleSoft.


Appeals must be typewritten, signed, and include a detailed explanation of how extenuating circumstances beyond your control prevented you from meeting the requirements. In addition, you must explain what has changed that will allow you to maintain academic progress moving forward. If Maximum Time Frame Appeal, you must explain why you are not on target to complete your degree program within 150% of the credit/clock hours needed for your current degree program.


Attach date-specific documentation from a disinterested third party. Keep supporting documentation to the minimum amount needed to provide sufficient proof of what is written in your appeal. FAS reserves the right to require a student to reduce the number of pages if there is an abundance of documentation NOT needed for an approval.

Documentation includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Letter from a physician or counselor on letterhead indicating the dates you were under their care
  • Copy of a death certificate, obituary or third-party documentation of death
  • Accident reports, police records, court records, etc.

DO NOT submit original documents - they will not be returned.  Make sure all copies are legible.

Letters from family, relatives, and friends are not recommended; however, if this is the ONLY information that can be provided, you must meet with a Financial Assistance Counselor to determine what is acceptable. If the FAS Counselor approves submission of such letters, they must be returned to Financial Assistance Services.

Appeals submitted without documentation will be denied or returned without review.

Documents must be submitted according to the requirements listed above; however, this DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval.   

Appeal time frame

Appeals are reviewed within 15 working days of receipt of all required documentation in Financial Assistance Services. You will be notified by email if the above timeframe is revised during peak processing times.


Results will be emailed to your SPC student email. If you do not have a FAFSA on file for the term in which you are appealing, you will not be notified via email. You may call or visit your campus Financial Assistance Services for results.

You may also view your status in MySPC.


Students with an approved SAP Appeal will have their financial aid reinstated, will be placed on Financial Aid Probation for one term only and be assigned a Financial Aid Academic Plan.

Any student whose SAP Appeal has been denied or whose eligibility has been suspended for Satisfactory Academic Progress reasons will have financial assistance eligibility reinstated once the requirements are met, whether or not the student submitted an appeal.

What is an SAP Appeal?

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