Are there tips for applying for scholarships?


Awards can be based on merit, financial need, program of study or other factors as determined by the donor.

  • Be aware of potential scholarship scams
  • See this Guide to Applying for Scholarships
  • Set aside ample time to complete the applications. Prepare and be thorough
  • Revisit scholarship search engines often and keep your information current
  • Read the application criteria carefully to be sure you are eligible to apply
  • Create a calendar of deadline dates
  • Communicate now with potential references
  • Prepare a statement of purpose, resume, or personal statement for potential references
  • Use a clear and professional e-mail address
  • Do not be afraid to write an essay. You may be able to use it for multiple applications
  • Make sure to write a Thank You Note when you are awarded a scholarship
  • If you are awarded a scholarship, be sure to follow the guidelines to retain it, such as enrollment requirements
  • Most scholarships do not require repayment, although some may need to be repaid if the student does not follow the guidelines of the scholarship