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Summer financial aid may be available based on enrollment and remaining eligibility for the year. You will only need to complete the Summer 2019 Student Loan Request if you are applying for student loans for the summer term. If you are eligible, Pell Grants and other grants will be automatically awarded after you enroll for summer term.
New requirements for verification processVerification requirements
If your FAFSA application is selected for Verification, make sure you understand what documents you need to submit. Not all applicants will be asked to submit the same documents.
We are proud to announce that most forms related to Verification of FAFSA data are now available in an electronic format. These E-Forms are easier to complete and can even be completed on mobile devices. If you prefer to use the paper version, those are still available.
Important2018-19 Verification requirements
If your FAFSA application is selected for Verification, make sure you understand what documents and whose information you need to submit. Not all applicants will be asked to submit the same documents. Always check your MySPC To Do List.

The Department of Education has regulations to ensure that only eligible students receive financial aid. Verification is the process used to confirm the data you provided on the FAFSA. It is to your benefit to submit all requested items as quickly as possible since your financial aid file cannot be reviewed or completed until verification is complete. If there are any differences found between information reported on the FAFSA and the actual figures provided in the verification documents, SPC will submit the corrections on your behalf. Your financial aid award will be based on the corrected information.

Your financial aid file may have been selected for verification randomly by the federal processor, or because your file appears to have errors or conflicting information.

If you are a dependent student and both biological and/or adoptive parents reside in the same household, you will need to provide both parents' information regardless of their marital status or gender.

If you are an independent student and your marital status on the date the FAFSA was completed was "married," you will need to provide your spouse's information regardless of gender.

A student/parent is considered "married" if the student/parent was legally married in any domestic or foreign jurisdiction that recognizes that relationship as a legal marriage, regardless of where the couple resides. This determination applies to same sex or opposite sex couples. This determination does not apply to domestic partnership, civil unions, or similar formal relationships recognized under state law.

What documents do I need to submit? 

If your Student Aid Report (SAR) has been selected for Verification, SPC will send a written request for documentation by mail and SPC student email. In addition, your MySPC To Do List will list any required documents. Not all applicants will be asked to submit the same documents. You may be asked to provide different documents than you have submitted in previous years.

Requested Verification documents may include IRS Tax Transcripts, a completed Verification Worksheet, or other documents. In some circumstances, you may go back to your FAFSA application and use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool to download your income information. If you are unable to use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, submit an IRS Tax Return Transcript. You may no longer submit copies of tax returns (IRS 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ). If you filed a 2015 income tax return with Puerto Rico, another U.S. territory, commonwealth, or with a foreign central government, provide a transcript that was obtained at no cost from the relevant taxing authority, or if this cannot be obtained at no cost, then provide a signed copy of that 2015 tax return.

How do I submit the requested documents? 

The easiest and quickest way is to complete the E-forms which will automatically be delivered to SPC when you select "Submit."

You may request fillable PDF versions of our Verification forms by contacting A$KFA$, calling 727-791-2485 or speaking with an FA Counselor. For documents that you must submit in paper format, be sure to include your student name and SPC ID written clearly at the top of each page. Do not submit original documents unless you are told to do so. Make copies of what you submit.

For your personal security and to meet new federal regulations, we can no longer accept student Verification documents by email.

Financial aid awards 

Your file will not be complete until all requested documents are received and processed by Financial Assistance Services. The verification process may delay the awarding of financial assistance if corrections need to be submitted to the federal processor.

Verification questions? 

If you have questions, visit Financial Assistance Services or call 727-791-2485.