Shopping for textbooks online at Barnes & Noble College

From left: Nader Fakih, international student and Mohamed Shamseddine, International Business major visit the new Barnes & Noble bookstore on St. Petersburg/Gibbs Campus. 


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To order Barnes & Noble College textbooks online, you can access their website after logging into MySPC or go to

Getting a list of your required textbooks 

After you register on MySPC, from the my class schedule tab, choose the view textbook summary link to print a list of the textbooks you will need for your classes. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the link to the printer friendly page.

Using search box to find your courses

search boxVisit to search for textbooks using your class schedule. To create a customized textbook list, find your course by using the drop down menus.

For example, to find textbooks for English Composition ENC 1101(1312) for Fall 2012 term on Clearwater Campus choose:

  1. Select Campus - Clearwater
  2. Select Term - Fall
  3. Select Department (course subject - ENC)
  4. Select Course (course number – 1101)
  5. Select Section (class number – 1312)

The system will list all required and recommend textbooks for the class. Review the shopping cart and edit your selections to reflect which textbooks you want to purchase from Barnes & Noble College. All available content options will be listed for each title, including new, used, rental, and e-textbooks to ensure you are able to select both the best learning format and cost-saving option for you.

Used book option

If you choose the used book preference, every effort will be made to fill the order. If, however, a used book is not available, the order will be filled with a new book.

money iconDuring the checkout process, Barnes & Noble estimates the final pricing based on new prices, to ensure customers understand the highest potential price for their order. Get details on online payments.