Financial aid eligible certificate programs


The following certificate programs are eligible for financial aid for fall 2017.

Certificates (CERTF) 

Accounting Applications (ACTAP)
Addiction Studies (ADS)(39 credits) - replaces Addiction Studies (AD)(40 credits)
Building Construction Technology (BCNST)
Business Administration (BUSADM)
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA-CT)
Community Health Worker
Computer Programming Specialist (CPS)
Computer Related Crime Investigation (CRCI)
Crime Scene Technology (CST)
Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD)
Digital Photography (PGY-CT)
Drafting Technology (DRAFT)
Educator Preparation Institute (EPI)
Emergency Admin. and Mgmt. (EAM)
Engineering Technology Support (ENGTECH)
Food and Beverage Management (FBM) 
Health Data Management ATC (HDM-ATC)
Healthcare Informatics (HCINF)
Homeland Security (HLS)
Information Technology (ITSC)
Linux System Administrator (LINXSA)
Marketing Certificate (MKT)
Maternal & Child Health (MCHL)(21 credits) - replaces Maternal & Child Health (MCH)(24 credits)
Mechatronics (MECH)
Medical Coder (MEDCD)
MS Certified IT Professional Server Administrator (MCITPS)
Paralegal Studies (LEGAL)
Paramedic (PMED)
Project Management (PRJMGT)
Rooms Division Management (RDM)
Rooms Division Operations (RDO)
Supply Chain Management
Veterinary Practice Management (VETTC)
Web Development Specialist (WEBDS)
Youth Development Professional (YDPF)

Advanced Technical Certificate (ATC)

Funeral Arts (FUNAT)

Clock Hour Programs 

Basic Law Enforcement Officer (BLE-PSAV)
Fire Fighter/Emergency Medical Technician - Combined (FFEM-PSAV) 

Financial Aid Eligible Certificate Programs that are no longer accepting new students
The last term students in this program are eligible to receive financial aid follows the name of the program.

Addiction Studies (ADS)(40 credits) replaced by Addiction Studies (AD)(39 credits) - Fall 2016
Assoc Addiction Professional (AAP) - Spring 2015
C++ Certificate (CPLUS) - Fall 2015
C# Certificate (CSHARP) - Fall 2015
Computer Support (APLS) - Summer 2016
Computer/Web Programming Specialist (CWPS) - Summer 2018
Gangs Enforcement Management (GEM) - Summer 2018
Gang Investigations (GI) - Summer 2016
EPI Biology Science (IMPSCI) - Fall 2016
EPI Elementary Ed (IMPELED) - Fall 2016
EPI Exceptional Ed (IMPESED) - Fall 2016
EPI Math Education (IMPMATH) - Fall 2016
EPI Mid Grades Math (IMPMGM) - Fall 2016
EPI Mid Grade Science (IMPMGS) - Fall 2016
Fire Officer I (FOI) - due to changes in State requirements, students who enter this program in Fall 2014 or later are not eligible to receive financial aid
Fire Officer II (FSOII) - due to changes in State requirements, students who enter this program in Fall 2014 or later are not eligible to receive financial aid
Java Certificate (JAVA) - Fall 2015
Maternal & Child Health (MCH)(24 credits) replaced by Maternal & Child Health (MCHL)(21 credits) - Spring 2015
MSCT IT Prof Server Admin (MCITPSA) - Spring 2016
Open Source Certificate (OPNSRC) - Fall 2015
Veterinary Management (VMG) - Summer 2016
Visual Basic.NET (VBNET) - Fall 2015
Youth Development Prof (YDP) - Fall 2015

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