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International F-1 Visa Students: Planning your class schedule

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Each semester before registering for classes, F-1 students must submit the following items to the International Student Services office:

1. Proof of health insurance – For more information, click here.

2. My Learning Plan (MLP) – Before you start, please see an Academic Advisor.

Course load

F-1 students must be enrolled full-time:

  • 12 credit hours for Fall/Spring semester
  • 9 credit hours for Summer semester (if required)

Online course credits:

  • Only 3 online credits may count toward full-time requirement each semester.
  • F-1 students in an English language program may not count online courses toward full-time requirement.

Other Related Topics

F-1 students completing English language classes to become degree seeking:

  • Plan to visit the International Office at the beginning of your final semester of your English language program to discuss the transition: 
    • Updated financial documents may be required: Click here 
    • Must have evaluation of high school on file: Click here 
  • View F-1 acceptable degree options: Click here