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Health Insurance Required for International Students


International students on F-1 visas at St. Petersburg College (SPC) are required to have injury/sickness insurance that meets the following requirements:

  • Comply with the Affordable Health Care Act
  • Must include (but not limited to) illness, accidental injury,  repatriation and medical evacuation 
  • Coverage must remain in effect for the duration of the semester
  • It is recommended that students purchase health insurance with no gap in coverage between terms

This coverage must be purchased and proof of purchase must be provided to the Center for International Programs before enrolling in SPC courses.   

If you do not have a chosen insurance provider, please find below possible insurance providers for you to choose from:

HCC Medical Insurance Services: 

Insurance for College Students (IFCS): 

Insurance for Students (IFS): 


United Healthcare: 

Please keep in mind that St. Petersburg College does not direct the operations of any of the above suggested companies or resources and cannot be held responsible for problems that may occur. This information is provided merely to assist current and incoming students. St. Petersburg College received no compensation for this service.

See below the steps to obtain proof of coverage

Step 1: Choose the Health Insurance coverage form below for your program of study:  

Step 2: Print the correct the form and complete the student section

Step 3: Submit the form to the health insurance provider of your choice

Step 4: Ask your health insurance provider to return the completed form to the Center for International Programs, per instructions on the form.  All health insurance must meet the minimum coverage requirement including repatriation and medical evacuation.

Step 5: After receiving the completed form, the Center for International Programs will notify you if there is any additional information needed.

Step 6: Submit a copy of your health insurance card to the Center for International Programs and you will be ready to enroll for courses.

SPC reserves the right to require updated proof of injury/sickness insurance coverage each term. Failure to provide proof of valid health insurance coverage may affect student enrollment at SPC.