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Performing Arts

  • St. Petersburg College’s performing arts students develop skills within an arts environment where visual creativity, advanced design technologies, hands-on production and cultural dialogue are emphasized. Performing artists work in multimedia entertainment, television, film and stage and perform in a variety of roles associated with music, dance, acting, casting and directing.

    Dance at SPC


    The Dance program at SPC offers a wide variety of dance courses including Jazz, Modern  and Ballet technique. Dancers as young as 16 are able to participate in the SPC dance program. There are beginning, intermediate and advanced levels.

    Music at SPC


    SPC's comprehensive curriculum and highly-qualified faculty allow for numerous artistic directions and career paths as Music students learn their craft.

    Music Technology at SPC

    Music Industry Recording Arts

    Learn the music production platforms that are the recording industry standard worldwide. Our Associate in Science degree in Music Industry/Recording Arts will help you develop “real world” skills needed to thrive in the diverse and competitive music industry.



    From acting, stage production, costume and set design, and house management, the Theater Arts program at St. Petersburg College empowers students to explore their creativity and hone their stage craft.