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Visual Arts

  • St. Petersburg College’s Studio Arts students learn to express themselves in a variety of traditional and modern fine art forms.

    Ceramics at SPC


    Ceramics courses at SPC introduce design techniques and the history of ceramics. Experienced professors teach you how to create and fire items out of clay that are fired at high temperatures to form lasting pottery.

    Design at SPC


    SPC’s Fine Arts department offers many foundation courses designed to develop students’ knowledge and perception of two- and three-dimensional form and its elements.

    Drawing at SPC


    Our drawing classes have been carefully designed by the faculty to provide you with the training you need to turn abstract ideas into reality and prepare you for rigorous upper-division coursework.

    Painting at SPC


    Painting is one of the most traditional of the Fine Arts and covers a variety of media. Enroll in painting courses at SPC and discover your creative voice and vision.

    Printmaking at SPC


    Printmaking at SPC introduces students to the basic nature of the medium, both in a historical and conceptual context. Multiple print mediums are explored in the semester, such as relief printing, monoprints, intaglio, and screen printing.



    Sculptors are artists who develop their personal visions using various techniques and materials to create masterful three-dimensional works of art. Creating sculpture is an age-old art form that dates back to prehistoric times and encompasses a variety of cultures.