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St. Petersburg College Mission, Visionary Commitments and Values

  • SPC mission  

    Mission Statement

    The mission of St. Petersburg College is to empower our students and community to achieve success and economic mobility through academic excellence and engagement.

    Vision Statement

    A premier college enriching and strengthening lives through a community of care.

    Three-year Strategic Impact Plan

    College Visionary Commitments

    Academic Excellence

    We will provide a high-quality education for our students by creating an innovative and engaging learning environment within a supportive, collegial culture.

    Economic Mobility

    We will provide opportunities for our students to be prepared for high-wage, high-need careers and professional growth, which will contribute to their economic success and improve the quality of life within our community as well as assist in ending generational cycles of poverty.

    Community Engagement

    We will invest in the well-being and growth of our community by serving as a leader, a convener, and a catalyst for positive change. We will maintain this commitment by creating strong partnerships, participating in civic learning and community engagement, and cultivating a community of care.

    Value Statements

    Student Success

    We believe students are the heart of SPC, and we align resources, decisions, and efforts to empower them to succeed.


    We cultivate trust, transparency, and equity through personal and institutional ethics, empathy, and compassion.

    Community Focus

    We foster and model the principles of inclusion, service, partnership, and social responsibility through community engagement to build strong relationships locally and abroad.

    Growth and Empowerment

    We provide our students and employees clear pathways for personal and professional growth resulting in ongoing opportunities for leadership, engagement, and advancement.


    We build open and honest relationships to ensure inclusive dialogue with stakeholders to make informed and transparent decisions.


    We are committed to ensuring that all stakeholders receive what they need to be successful through experiences, policies, practices, and behaviors that are just, fair, and inclusive for individuals to reach their full potential.