Course Load for Veterans


For purposes of paying educational benefits, Veterans Affairs (VA), not the college, determines what constitutes full, three-quarter, half and less than half-time attendance. During standard-length fall and spring semesters, enrollment is:

  • Full time = 12 or more credit hours
  • Three-quarter time = 9-11 credit hours
  • Less than half-time = 5 or less credit hours (payment is for tuition and fees only)

Non-standard terms are those with beginning or ending dates other than the regular term dates (such as express sessions or the summer term). Benefits are based on equivalent credit hours. Veterans who enroll in non-standard term courses should be aware that the VA determines benefits on a term basis, not by adding the total credit hours for the term. For example, a three-hour course during an eight-week fall or spring express session is the equivalent of half-time for VA payment and three quarter-time during a six-week summer express session.

See you Veterans Services Specialist with any questions.