Veterans Tuition Deferments


If you receive VA educational benefits, you are eligible to defer your tuition up to 60 days, if you are in good financial and academic standing. VA deferments are offered as a convenience and tuition must be paid on or before the deferment deadline, whether or not payment is received from the Veterans Administration (VA). If you withdraw from courses for nonpayment of VA deferments or short-term student loans, you will have your VA certification terminated.

Deferments will NOT be applied automatically and must be requested by you by submitting the Veteran's Application for 60-Day Deferment. This deferment may be completed online or submitted to the Veterans Services Centers located at the St. Petersburg/Gibbs and Clearwater campuses.

VA deferments are not authorized for veterans not using the entitlement.

You must be degree seeking. It is your responsibility to ensure you are in a degree program and following that program by taking only those classes that are necessary for that program. At the time of registration, make sure courses selected meet the requirements toward your specific degree.

Please Note:

A St. Petersburg College (SPC) Associate of Arts general degree does not require specific electives for graduation. Any elective courses will be certified for VA Payment and counted as part of the 24 credit hour electives required for graduation.

If you are pursuing an A.A. degree with a university parallel program in a specific discipline, only those courses required for the university parallel program will be certified. You are encouraged to know what classes you need to take in order to pursue a specific major at the university level and make necessary program changes before the start of the term. Notify your Veteran’s Services Specialist of any change in program.

Change in definition of blended course effective Fall 2013

The VA considers the following definition for a blended course: 50 minutes per credit hour must be in lecture format to be certified as “resident” credit hours to the VA for BAH purposes.

For example:
3 credit hours * 50 =150
Therefore, must be 150 minutes in lecture to be certified as resident