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  • Reading for education majors

    SPC students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education can choose from a variety of reading classes. Reading classes for education majors prepare teachers to promote childhood literacy from preschool through grade 12 with courses that explore research-based best practices. Many of the classes include school-based hours of participation including observation, teaching and assessing reading in an educational setting.

    Classes and faculty

    View current class offerings and faculty for reading classes for education majors.

    Internship opportunities

    The reading internship provides practical experience in reading for the pre-service teacher. Students will work directly with K-12 teachers and students in the public schools in large group, small group, and individual settings to connect all aspects of theoretical, campus-based literacy instruction to classroom practice. This course is designed to demonstrate specific skills and strategies in reading relative to program planning, instruction, daily scheduling, record keeping, evaluation, classroom management, communication, ethics and professional development.

  • College preparatory reading

    SPC offers students a chance to refresh reading skills while building a foundation for academic success. Students may be required to take preparatory reading classes for college-level academics.

    Course offerings

    View current offerings for reading classes.

    My Bridge to Success

    Success in college doesn't just happen; you have to prepare for it. My Bridge to Success courses help students complete preparatory classes. These eight-week, two-credit flexible entry/exit classes allow students to master the skills they are lacking as quickly as possible without reviewing concepts they have already learned.

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