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    SPC provides Microsoft Windows and Office to all degree-seeking students at no extra cost. Login to MySPC and look in My Resources.

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    Questions and Concerns

    Frequently Asked Questions  

    Complaints, grievances and appeals
    SPC is committed to providing prompt and fair resolution of all student concerns. Find out how to express your academic and non-academic complaints and your suggestions at www.spcollege.edu/complaint. You can also participate in student surveys at www.spcollege.edu/surveys.

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Resource Guide

  • NOTE:You can also download the Resource Guide.

    SPC Online Tools wrench

    MySPC is the college’s online, secure portal for your academic information, such as registration, financial aid, grades and student email. Within MySPC, you will find a variety of online tools to help you plan your schedule, monitor your financial aid, check your graduation status, explore careers and more. Learn more at go.spcollege.edu/myspc or go to one.spcollege.edu and use your SPC email address and password to log in.

    MySPC Mobile
    Visit our streamlined mobile site at m.spcollege.edu on your phone or mobile device to register, check financial aid, view campus maps and more. m.spcollege.edu 

    MyCourses Learning Management System (LMS)
    MyCourses is the learning management system used at St. Petersburg College to help facilitate all online and hybrid/blended courses as well as the college’s web-enhanced courses offered in a face-to-face environment. To access MyCourses, go to one.spcollege.edu and use your SPC email address and password to log in.

    wrench  denotes online tool

  • Academic Resources

  • wrenchMy Learning Plan + My Schedule Planner
    SPC has two online planning tools to help you automate picking classes that meet your degree requirements and fit into your personal work and family schedule. By using My Learning Plan and My Schedule Planner, you will stay on track with your degree requirements. Explore our step-by-step tutorials to learn more. go.spcollege.edu/myplanner 

    Academic Calendar
    There are many dates that are important for you to know, such as when classes begin, deadlines for withdrawing, dates of college holidays and final exam schedules to name a few. go.spcollege.edu/calendar 

    Academic Pathways
    Academic Pathways are a sequential list of courses in the order that you should take them and serve as the default academic plans for you to use when planning for your college degree. Although you will have some choice in terms of options, they have been designed to build the knowledge and skills that will result in higher academic achievement and include ‘stackable’ certificates that provide easy on and off ramps for students along the way to degree completion. If you are transferring in courses, simply cross off the course you have already taken and move on to the next one. They do not take the place of the professional advice provided by our advisors.

    Academic Advisors will help you get started by walking you through entrance procedures, evaluating placement test scores, reviewing new student orientation information and assisting in course selection based on your career goals. go.spcollege.edu/advising 

    Advising Appointments
    With SPC's Appointment Scheduler, you can choose the day, time, campus and advisor that works for you. Services and information offered through the Appointment Scheduler include academic standing, admissions, advising, graduation, appeals process, major selection, My Learning Plan assistance, orientation, total withdrawal and more. Appointments can be scheduled a month in advance at https://myacct.spcollege.edu/scheduler/.

    Alternative credit options
    SPC wants to help you finish your degree. We offer several ways to earn up to 45 college credits for your mastery of subjects, experience, military training, previous education or industry certification. go.spcollege.edu/makeitcount 

    Degrees and Programs
    SPC offers many options to meet your education needs. Consider your career goals and start planning today. go.spcollege.edu/academics 

    FloridaShines is a free online advising website to help students plan and track their education progress from middle school through college. FloridaShines is sponsored by the Department of Education and the Florida Center for Advising & Academic Support. www.floridashines.org 

    Honors Program
    SPC’s Honors Program provides an exemplary education and an intellectual community that encourages our most talented and motivated students in creativity and deeper understanding, leadership qualities and critical thinking skills. go.spcollege.edu/honors  

    Your student ID is your library card and can be used to check out materials or use any of the services our campus libraries provide. Our joint-use libraries on the St. Petersburg/Gibbs and Seminole campuses offer the benefits of a public library and college library in one. Use our online library for the convenience of research anytime and anywhere. Learning Resources and Libraries 

    New Initiative Program
    The New Initiative Program (NIP) offers academic assistance to pre-health and health education students. go.spcollege.edu/nip 

    Smart Start Orientation
    Smart Start Orientation is a free, non-credit course that includes four learning sessions offered in blended and online formats. Smart Start will be required for first-time SPC students seeking an A.A. or A.S. degree and students returning from suspension or dismissal. In the Smart Start Orientation you will learn how to use MySPC which includes registration, financial aid, student email, and other services. You will also learn how to use MyCourses, our online learning system.You will create your roadmap to graduation in My Learning Plan, learn about the academic and learning support options we offer, as well as complete a career inventory and develop a career plan to get the job you want. You will learn who you can call for questions and help. go.spcollege.edu/orientation 

    Online Classes
    SPC offers hundreds of online college courses in dozens of majors, plus online student support services. Find online options by checking “Electronic Campus” when you search for courses in MySPC. go.spcollege.edu/online 

    Registering online for classes is easy. Register early to get the best schedule possible. SPC’s My Learning Plan, My Schedule Planner and My Graduation Status tools will help you build a long-term schedule, view classes you have completed and verify outstanding graduation requirements to keep you on track. go.spcollege.edu/register 

    Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Your rights and responsibilities as a student at SPC are defined in the college’s academic policies. These include academic honesty, plagiarism, classroom responsibility, freedom to learn and acceptable conduct. go.spcollege.edu/studentrights 

    Study Abroad
    SPC’s Study Abroad programs allow students to earn college credit while traveling the world. We offer programs in the Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the Middle East and North America. go.spcollege.edu/studyabroad 

    We offer tests to help you choose the right classes. You can also earn college credit for passing standardized tests. go.spcollege.edu/testing  

    Your SPC transcript is the official, permanent academic record that includes the classes you have taken, grades earned for each class, honors and degrees completed. go.spcollege.edu/transcript 

    Tutoring and Classroom Support
    The learning support centers provide free tutoring in reading, writing and math as well as computer labs and academic resources for students. This support is available whether you are doing well in a class or need some extra assistance. go.spcollege.edu/tutoring  

  • Campus Information

  • Athletics
    SPC has intercollegiate athletic teams that compete for conference championships in women’s softball, tennis, volleyball and basketball and in men’s baseball and basketball. athletics.spcollege.edu/ 

    Career Services
    Career Services combines academic and career counseling to help students identify the proper educational and career paths, develop employability skills and utilize job-search resources. go.spcollege.edu/careerservices 

    Clubs and Organizations
    Student clubs and organizations are a great way to get involved. SPC has a variety of academic clubs, musical ensembles and special interest clubs. You can also get involved in your campus Student Government Association. go.spcollege.edu/clubs 

    Computer Labs
    Computer labs are available on each campus for all of your academic needs. You must have a MySPC username and password to use the computers. Also, be sure to bring a flash drive to save your work. go.spcollege.edu/computerlabs 

    Locations and Maps
    SPC has 11 learning sites throughout Pinellas County. go.spcollege.edu/locations 

    Parking is free in most places at SPC as long as you park in spaces reserved for students. Students at the SPC Downtown Center need to purchase a hangtag to park in the garage. go.spcollege.edu/parking  

    PSTA Bus Pass
    Through an agreement between SPC and the PSTA (Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority), students, faculty and staff can enjoy free bus service through the Universal Pass (UPASS). Simply show your current student or staff ID (with a UPASS sticker) when boarding a PSTA bus and you can ride for free. go.spcollege.edu/ride 

    SPC is dedicated to providing a safe campus environment. If you have concerns about suspicious behavior or an unsafe situation, report it promptly to campus authorities or to Campus Safety at 727-791-2560. Reports of sexual misconduct may be made to Campus Safety; the Director of EA/EO, Title IX Coordinator at 727-341-3261; or to any of the designated reporting contacts on each campus as listed at go.spcollege.edu/sexual_misconduct. In an emergency, call 911 and then notify the Campus Safety office. SPC monitors the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Sexual Offenders registry, which cross references our enrolled students with this registry. go.spcollege.edu/safety 

    Student Life
    The college sponsors a variety of special and cultural events throughout the year - many at no charge or at a discount with your student ID. Check out our events calendar at go.spcollege.edu/events, find out how to get around on campus and get details on clubs and organizations. Visit your campus or contact your Student Life and Leadership Coordinator for more information. go.spcollege.edu/studentlife 

    Student Photo ID
    Before you can check out library materials, use a computer lab or work out at any campus wellness center, you need an SPC photo ID. To get your ID, stop by the nearest campus and bring photo identification (such as your driver’s license) and a paid receipt for the current session, or evidence that your due date has been extended pending financial aid or veterans benefits. Distance students should complete the Student ID Request Form. http://mycoursessupport.spcollege.edu/student-ids-for-online-students 

    Textbooks and Supplies
    You can purchase new, used or digital books, or rent them at bookstores operated on campus and online by Barnes & Noble College. You can automatically order your textbooks after you register in MySPC and have them shipped to your home or pick them up at any of the Barnes & Noble College bookstores on campus. If you are receiving financial aid and your aid exceeds your tuition and fee charges, you may purchase books and supplies using your Book Line of Credit, a short-term, interest-free loan at our campus bookstores. You also can trade textbooks through SPC’s Book Swap. go.spcollege.edu/textbooks 

    Wellness Centers
    SPC wellness centers are fitness facilities equipped with strength and elliptical machines, treadmills and free weights. They are available to current SPC students when they aren’t in use by physical education classes. No guests are permitted. go.spcollege.edu/wellnesscenters 

  • Financial Information

  • wrench My Financial Aid
    This online tool allows you to see your financial aid status, your To Do List and to accept, decline or reduce awards. one.spcollege.edu 

    Financial Aid
    Visit SPC’s Financial Aid website for information on grants, scholarships, student employment, loans and money management. go.spcollege.edu/getfunds 

    BankMobile Disbursements
    Financial aid refunds occur when the amount of disbursements received on your behalf is greater than the amount owed for tuition, fees, and the Book Line of Credit. These excess funds will be deposited to the account you choose on BankMobile. go.spcollege.edu/BankMobile 

    Florida Prepaid Tuition Plan
    SPC applies Florida PrePaid College funds automatically to student accounts with an active state plan. Any student who does not wish to have funds applied to their fees will need to send a written request to niemann.faith@spcollege.edu prior to the beginning of classes. Students can access the Florida PrePaid College fund online. www.myfloridaprepaid.com 

    Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
    To apply for financial aid, you need to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at www.fafsa.ed.gov. The information you provide determines whether you qualify for federal and state grants and federal loans based on financial need. To complete the FAFSA, you will need to request an FSA ID.

    iontuition is a web-based tool provided at no cost to help you manage all of your student loans through a single portal. Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to a personalized profile showing your federal student
    loan and grant information. You also can download the iontuition app to receive reminders on your mobile device. go.spcollege.edu/iontuition 

    Residency Status for Tuition
    The tuition you pay is determined by your residency classification. A Florida resident pays a much lower tuition rate than an out-of-state resident. Your residency status is displayed in MySPC and on your course fee schedule. Documentation must be submitted by the first day of the term to be considered. go.spcollege.edu/residency 

    Scholarships can reward you for academic excellence, talent and achievement in a variety of areas, such as arts or athletics. Best of all, they do not have to be repaid. go.spcollege.edu/scholarships 

    Tuition Payment
    After you register for classes, you will be given a tuition due date. Important: If fees are not paid by your due date, you will be dropped from your classes and will need to re-register. Fees can be paid with Financial Aid, Florida PrePaid, cash, credit, check or our Tuition Payment Plan. go.spcollege.edu/paytuition 

  • General Services

  • wrenchEmail
    SPC provides you with a student email account through MySPC. You will receive official messages from the college, news of upcoming events and college closing alerts. Please check your email frequently for important alerts. go.spcollege.edu/email 

    The SPC Student Handbook contains information on the college’s policies, services, locations and more. go.spcollege.edu/handbook  

    Students can obtain health insurance at their own expense through a vendor selected by the college. go.spcollege.edu/studentinsurance 

    Student Assistance Counseling Program
    A free counseling program is available if you need support, advice or just a friendly ear. Help is only a phone call away. SPC offers this service at no charge to students. mycoursessupport.spcollege.edu/student-assistance-program 

    Technical Support
    For assistance with technical issues related to MySPC, MyCourses and MySPC email, call 727-341-4357. go.spcollege.edu/helpdesk 

  • Graduation

  • At the end of each term, students that meet all graduation requirements will automatically be awarded their degree or certificate. You are no longer required to apply for graduation.

    You can check your graduation status in MyPlanner.

    Register for commencement ceremony

    If you plan to attend the commencement ceremony, you will need to register in MySPC. See these instructions.

  • Support Programs

  • Accessibility Services
    Accessibility Services (formerly Disability Resources) carries out SPC’s commitment to the open-door concept and equal access to educational opportunities for all qualified individuals with disabilities. go.spcollege.edu/accessibility 

    International Student Services
    We value the intellectual and cultural diversity that international students bring to our campuses. Students who are not U.S. citizens have two options to take classes at SPC. You can come to the U.S. and study on our campus or you can stay in your home country and study online. We work closely with international students to help them succeed by offering assistance with admission, immigration advising, cultural adjustments, involvement in activities and much more. go.spcollege.edu/internationalstudents 

    Get real-world experience from some of the area’s best employers. Learn valuable on-the-job skills and expand your professional network with an internship. go.spcollege.edu/studentinterns 

    Student Support Services
    Student Support Services is a federally funded TRIO program that helps first generation and low-income students graduate from college. go.spcollege.edu/sss  

    SPC welcomes veterans, eligible dependents, active duty service persons or members of the Selected Reserve who wish to use their veteran benefits to attend SPC. go.spcollege.edu/veterans 

    Women on the Way
    Women on the Way (WOW) is a resource and support program developed to help women succeed in college. Many women trying to enter or return to college face time and resource challenges. In addition to meeting some basic needs for members, WOW offers opportunities for leadership, friendship and community service. go.spcollege.edu/wow