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Providing a safe and secure place to learn and work

  • St. Petersburg College is dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of students, staff and visitors by providing quality services and information to help make the time that you spend at SPC safe and enjoyable.

    ImportantFBI warns of phone scam targeting students
    Recently, the FBI warned college students to be on alert for an employment scam targeting college students. See the latest report on this scam that details how scammers advertise phony job opportunities on college employment websites, and/or students receive e mails on their school accounts recruiting them for fictitious positions that end up costing the student money.
    PhoneFor assistance, call Campus Security Dispatch:
    From a college phone dial extension 2560
    From cell or other phones dial 727-791-2560
    ImportantReview safety guidelines for active shooter on campus
    SPC wants to make sure you are prepared to respond quickly in the event of an active shooter situation on campus. Review safety guidelines now.
    Important Campus evacuation video
    Watch our video on campus evacuations to learn how to safely leave your classroom and campus.

    IN AN EMERGENCY --- Dial 911 

    For immediate emergency assistance, on all campuses (police, fire, medical) dial 911 and then call Security Dispatch at 727-791-2560.

    To anonymously report a concern or crime, email silentwitness@spcollege.edu. Learn how to report abuse of a minor.

    View other emergency contact numbers.

  • Access to St. Petersburg College campuses

    Members of the general public are permitted to use some campus facilities (when not in use by students). Classrooms and labs are restricted to students, faculty and staff. For security reasons, most buildings, classrooms and labs are kept locked when not in use. Refer to information on Emergency Numbers and our Emergency Response Guide for valuable safety and security information. View hours of operation for:

  • Lost and found is handled differently by each campus. Please contact your Campus Security office for lost and found items.


    Text YES to 684-53 to stay informed.