Student Use of College Computers

Computer use by students under the direction of faculty that contributes to scholarly research and academic work within the boundaries of the approved curriculum is acceptable.

Prohibited Use

  1. Use of College computers to break any international, federal, state or local law (or to aid in any crime) is prohibited.
  2. Use of College computers for creation, storage, display or transmission of profit-oriented, commercial, political, or business purpose is prohibited.
  3. Consistent with the College's sexual harassment policy, creating, viewing, storing, transmitting or publicly displaying pornographic (as defined by the U.S. Supreme Court), obscene, defaming, slanderous, harassing, or offensive data (including sound, video, text, and graphics data) is prohibited.
  4. Circumventing established College software security procedures or obtaining information system access and passwords to which one is not entitled is prohibited.
  5. Unauthorized alteration or removal of College hardware security systems is prohibited.
  6. Unauthorized modifications to College hardware or software are prohibited.
  7. Connecting or installing personal or non College owned computer hardware to the College network without prior approval is prohibited.
  8. Installing non College owned software without prior approval and documented proof of legal licensure is prohibited. This includes downloaded software.


The College reserves the right to review and inspect all data and materials on any computer furnished by the College to any student.

Consequences of Unacceptable Use

  1. Unacceptable use may result in the revocation of access to College Computers.
  2. Students who violate this Rule shall be subject to discipline from reprimand to dismissal. Students may be subject to discipline as provided in Board of Trustees' Rule 6Hx23-4.35 and Procedure P6Hx23-4.35.