Get your textbook credit


Summer 2019 Textbook Credit

  • Pay your summer term tuition by April 18 and receive a $10 textbook credit.
  • Use your summer textbook credit by July 2

How to redeem your textbook credit

Eligible students can redeem your textbook credit at Barnes and Noble:

  • On campus
    Give the bookstore cashier your name and student ID when you are ready to pay. They will confirm your eligibility and reduce your total bill.
  • Online
    When you checkout, enter your student ID number in the "Financial Aid Book Line of Credit / Textbook Credit" field on the Shipping and Payment screen.  When your order is processed (usually within 24 hours) your Textbook Credit will be billed first.  Please note that the amount shown at checkout is a quote of the maximum total for the order, assuming all books are only available new and no Book Line of Credit or Textbook Credit are available.  Billing does not occur until orders are physically processed and the reduced total will be charged at that time.

NOTE: The bookstore credit described on this page is not related to the Book Line of Credit.

SPC Textbook Credit program FAQs

  1. Who is eligible for the credit?
    Any student who pays the tuition amount due (current balance) by the deadlines above.
  2. What if I'm receiving financial aid or other book benefits? Am I still eligible?
    Yes. The credit applies to any textbook rented or purchased.
  3. What can be purchased with the credit?
    You can use the credit toward new or used textbooks or rentals at SPC's campus or online bookstore.
  4. What if I return a book to the bookstore for a refund?
    You will receive a refund minus your credit amount.
  5. Will I get less money for my book when I sell it back?
    No. Used textbook buybacks are not affected by the credit.