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    24 credit hours

Addiction Studies Certificate

  • CT iconThis program prepares you for entry level work in the field of alcohol and substance abuse prevention or addiction treatment. The Human Services Program is a single-source provider with the Florida Certification Board (FCB).


    • Meets the educational requirements for taking these examinations through the Florida Certification Board: Certified Addiction Specialist (CAS), Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) and Certified Addiction Professional
    • Takes four terms to complete
    • Transfers to our A.S. in Human Services

    Continuing your Education

  • Academic Pathway 

    Please see the curriculum content for the most current academic pathway for this program.

  • You Will Learn

    • Basic counseling skills and treatment modalities
    • Behavior modification and therapeutic interventions
    • Legal and ethical responsibilities
  • Careers


    As the human services industry moves toward more community-based services, there will be an increasing demand for trained human services professionals. Professionals with technical and interpersonal skills that can address social, emotional and cognitive problems will remain in demand. Employment in private agencies is expected to grow, as governments continue to contract out services to the private sector to cut costs.

  • Addiction Studies
    Certificate with Financial Aid Eligibility


    Effective Beginning Catalog Term: Spring 2018 (540)

    The requirements shown below are valid beginning Spring 2018 (540), and may not reflect degree requirements for current students. Current students should visit My SPC and view My Learning Plan to see specific degree requirements for their effective term.

    Program Leadership Information

    Dr. Cheryl Kerr, Program Director, (727) 341-3736
    Dr. Joseph Smiley, Dean, Social/Behavioral Science & Human Services, 727-712-5851

    Program Summary

    This program will prepare students for entry level work in the field of alcohol and substance abuse prevention and/or addiction treatment. The Human Services Program is a Single-Source Provider with the Florida Certification Board (FCB). The coursework in this Certificate satisfies the educational/training requirements for the Certified Addiction Counselor (CAC) examination, the Certified Addiction Professional (CAP) examination, and the Certified Behavioral Health Technician (CBHT) through the FCB. There are additional requirements to quality for these examinations (i.e., work experience). See the FCB website for details www.flcertificationboard.org or contact the Program Director.

    These courses will apply toward the AS degree in Social and Human Services - Addiction Studies sub plan.

    The Academic Pathway is a tool for students that lists the following items:
    o the recommended order in which to take the program courses
    o suggested course when more than one option exists
    o which semester each course is typically offered
    o if the course has a prerequisite
    o courses that may lead to a certificate (if offered in the program)

    If you are starting the program this term, click here to access the recommended Academic Pathway.

    If you have already started the program, click here for the archived Academic Pathways.

    Please verify the Academic Pathway lists your correct starting semester.

    Florida CIP Code

    0451159901: Addiction Services

    Federal CIP Code

    51.1501: Substance Abuse/Addiction Counseling.

    Job Related Opportunities

    • Behavioral Health Technician
    • Drug Treatment Counselor Aide
    • Substance Abuse Technician
    • Residential or Group Home Worker
    • Program Supervisor or Program Director (with CAP certification)

    Graduation Rules

    Minimum grade of "C" required in all courses.

    Grade of "C" or better in each of these courses

    SYG 2324Principles of Substance Abuse3
    HUS 1431Issues in Addiction Prevention2
    HUS 1450Dual Diagnosis I2
    HUS 1480HIV/AIDS & Drug Crisis2
    HUS 2200Dynamics of Groups and Group Counseling3
    HUS 2302Basic Counseling Skills3
    HUS 2420Evaluation of Treatment Environments3
    HUS 2421Methods for Identification and Intervention in Substance Abuse3
    HUS 2428Treatment and Resources in Substance Abuse3
    HUS 2949Co-op Work Experience in Human Services3
    Total Credits24
  • This certificate transfers to our Social and Human Services A.S. Degree, which transfers to our bachelor's degree in Health Services Administration.
    CT to AS to BAS
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    Cheryl KerrProgram Director IISPKerr.Cheryl@spcollege.edu(727) 341-3736