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    • Downloadable logos

      These PNG files are compatible with most modern word processing and graphic design programs. A PNG file is the preferred method for 8½ x 11" documents, and on-screen graphics (such as PowerPoint presentations).

      Vertical options

      Vertical Black Logo  Vertical blue logo 
      Vertical SPC Logo - Black  Vertical SPC Logo - Blue 

      Horizontal options

      Horizontal black logo  Horizontal blue logo 
      Horizontal SPC Logo - Black  Horizontal SPC Logo - Blue 

      Instructions for downloading and inserting logo files in documents

      1. Click the link of the file you need in the list above.
      2. The file will display in your web browser.
      3. Once the file is displayed, right click on the image and choose Save As (Internet Explorer), or Save Image As (Firefox, Safari and Chrome).  
      4. Choose a location, and save the file.
      5. To insert the image in a document or presentation, follow the usual procedure per the program you are using for image insertion.
      6. Logo files are given in a larger format (to produce crisp resolution when printed) and can be reduced in size, but should never be expanded past the size provided.
      7. When reducing the size of a logo file, hold the CTRL key in Windows, CMD key in Mac while dragging the mouse pointer to size the image. This will prevent the logo from skewing horizontally or vertically and violating SPC's branding guidelines.