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Continuing Education: Secondary ESE

  • If you are a secondary general education teacher, our online ESE courses can help you update your classroom inclusion skills. These courses will also help you with the ESE Subject Area Exam.

  • EEX 4034   Exceptional Learners in the Inclusive Classroomcredits: 1-3

    This course provides an overview of the learning and assessment needs of exceptional education students, including the characteristics of disabilities covered under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEIA), the laws that govern the instruction of exceptional students and the special education service models used.

    EEX 4242   Differentiated Instruction and Assessment for Exceptional Learnerscredits: 1-3

    This course is designed to offer general education teachers strategies to teach and assess students with disabilities in an inclusion setting. Teachers will learn the concept of differentiated instruction, inclusionary classroom practices, content-specific instructional strategies, and how to effectively assess students with disabilities.

    Permission of the Program:

    EEX 4606   Behavior Management of Exceptional Learnerscredits: 1-3

    This course is designed to prepare general education teachers for managing the behavior of exceptional education learners with an emphasis on positive behavioral supports and collaboration skills. Teachers will learn how to create and maintain a positive and supportive environment for learning in an inclusive classroom.

    EEX 4764   Technology and Transition for Secondary Exceptional Learnerscredits: 3

    This course is designed to prepare inservice teachers to incorporate assistive and instructional technology in inclusive secondary classrooms. The emphasis is on using available technologies to support the behavior and academic learning of exceptional learners. The transition process and its connection to academic success are also covered.

  • How To Enroll

    1. Apply to SPC online and receive your student ID. The program/student plan is DG-NO--Upper Division Non Degree, Recertification—Non Degree. You must include all Florida residency information and documentation and pay the application fee or your application may not be processed.
    2. Scan/email a copy of your Educator Certificate or DOE number to Francine Fuentes at fuentes.francine@spcollege.edu or fax 727-499-4590.
    3. Email your SPC student ID number to fuentes.francine@spcollege.edu registration access. Students who complete these steps will receive directions to enroll.

    Students enrolled in Secondary ESE courses are classified as non-degree; however, courses are graded/for credit and will be reflected on an official SPC transcript. 

    For questions about this program, contact the College of Education at 727-341-3550 or email fuentes.francine@spcollege.edu.