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Biotechnology Laboratory Technology A.S. Degree

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  • Tailored to meet local employer needs

    Michael Shamblott"I recommend the biotechnology program at St. Petersburg College because it was specifically tailored and designed from the very beginning so that students get the exact skills that employees want. I know that if I hire graduates of SPC’s program, they will be able to perform in a lab and help me be productive."
    Michael Shamblott
    Member of SPC’s Biotechnology Advisory Committee
    Associate professor at the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine
    Researching cell- and drug-based therapies and treatments for Type I and II diabetes

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  • Join a growing field

    Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing industries in the nation, topping $500 billion a year. Nationally, employment of biological technicians is expected to grow by 5% through 2024.

    In Florida, biotechnology has a large footprint, and is now home to more than 1,100 biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device companies, who need qualified technicians.

    Preparing you for the workforce

    Our A.S. degree in Biotechnology Laboratory Technology gives you the hands-on skills to join a growing field and work in laboratories as a biological technician. In SPC's program, you will learn core biotechnical laboratory techniques, broad biology, microbiology and chemistry concepts, algebraic and statistical analysis, biohazard and safety procedures and human anatomy and physiology or botany.

    What you will do

    As a biological technician, you assist biological and medical scientists in laboratories by operating and maintaining laboratory instruments, conducting and observing experiments and recording results in detail.

  • Job Opportunities

    • Clinical research
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Biotechnology and biomanufacturing firms
    • Forensic investigation
    • Environmental improvement and protection
    • Agricultural product enhancement

    Skills that biotechnology employers are looking for

    • Top three technical skills
      • Hands-on experience
      • Basic understanding of research design and implementation
      • Basic animal handling
    • Top three soft skills
      • Written and oral communication
      • Self motivation
      • critical thinking
    • Key duties for the workforce
      • lab maintenance
      • lab preparation and organization
      • budget management


    The starting salary in Florida is $24,421 and the average salary is $37,975.