Book Line of Credit

CalendarBook Line of Credit dates
The summer 2019 Book Line of Credit begins for all classes on April 22. The BLOC ends for Regular, Weekend and First 8-Week Mod classes on June 4. The BLOC ends for enrollment in Second 8-Week Mod classes only on June 18 and for enrollment in Express classes only on July 2.

If your financial aid exceeds your tuition and fee charges, you may charge up to $800 in books and supplies using the Book Line of Credit (a short-term, interest-free loan) at campus bookstores. The amount of your Book Line of Credit is based on projected financial aid that will be refunded at the end of the fourth week of your classes. Check MySPC to see your individual amount.  The bookstore will have your information on file and will apply your available book charges against your tuition account. Get details on using your Book Line of Credit to pay online with Barnes & Noble College.


  • The Book Line of Credit is available four weeks prior to the beginning of each term and runs until the Tuesday of the third week of that term. If you are taking only Express or Second 8-Week Mod classes, your BLOC will be available until the Tuesday of the third week of those classes.
  • The amount of your Book Line of Credit may change based on changes in your enrollment and/or expected financial aid award(s).
  • You can use your Book Line of Credit to purchase your books online and have them shipped to you.
  • Your financial aid file must be complete and your financial aid awards made in order to use the Book Line of Credit.