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Career & Entrepreneurship Center

Academic Degrees and Programs

You decide how the entrepreneurship courses offered at SPC fit your educational goals. SPC offers the following degrees and programs:

You can also take entrepreneurship courses to enhance another SPC workforce-related associate degree, such as Digital Media Production, Digital Video Production, Drafting & Design Technology, Early Childhood Education, Music Industry/Recording Arts or Hospitality.

New! Entrepreneurship Certificate

Our Entrepreneurship Certificate offers the practical, hands-on preparation you need to start, finance, manage and build your own business or launch your ideas.

The four courses required to earn the Entrepreneurship Certificate are:

ENT 1000 Introduction to Entrepreneurship  3 credits

This is a comprehensive overview of the entrepreneurial venture from its inception to its development. See if you have the personality and characteristics to be an entrepreneur. Concepts include:

  • Developing effective feasibility analysis studies
  • Researching and determining target markets
  • Taking a practical look at key business elements including marketing strategies, raising capital, legal aspects and bookkeeping
  • Creating industry specific business plan formats

ENT 1012 Entrepreneurial Management  3 credits

The course will focus on understanding issues and developing strategies related to the management of entrepreneurial enterprises and is relevant for students with or without their own venture idea. Concepts include:

  • Start-up growth dynamics and exit strategies
  • Small business human resources and personnel management
  • Legal Issues
  • Preparing students for careers in managing corporate ventures, consulting work, professional services and partnering in an existing startup company
  • Prerequisite: ENT 1000

ENT 2120 Entrepreneurial Marketing & Sales  3 credits

This course addresses the areas of marketing, sales, promotion and finances all geared towards the entrepreneurial venture. Concepts include:

  • Branding, advertising, social networking and promotion
  • Professional and personal selling
  • Sales force management and new product promotion
  • Budget development and financial statement analysis
  • Prerequisite: ENT 1000

ENT 2010 Planning the Entrepreneurial Venture  3 credits

This capstone course will have students create a complete business plan of their choosing for a new or expanding business concept or venture. Concepts include:

  • Writing or re-working your business plan
  • Preparing presentations for potential investors and partners
  • Using specialized software for business plan development and venture planning
  • Use of the Career & Entrepreneurship Center and resource tools to create dynamic presentations for future investors
  • Prerequisite: ENT 1000