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Institutional Research and Effectiveness

“At SPC, Institutional effectiveness is the integrated, systematic, explicit, and documented processes of measuring performance against the SPC mission for purposes of continuous improvement of academic programs, administrative services, and educational services offered by the college.”


Ø       Institutional Effectiveness Plan: This resource provides a statistical profile of college, an internal analysis of college performance, information about the service area, emergent trends and events impacting the college, and a detailed description of the Institutional Effectiveness processes as well as documentation of the recent IE process and recommendation for future strategic direction.
2007-08 Institutional Effectiveness Plan
2006-07 Institutional Effectiveness Plan

Ø       Planning and Budgeting: College budgeting and planning guidelines, supporting documents, Collegewide Technology Plan, and Strategic Planning On-Line (SPOL) are found here.

Ø       Strategic Directions: Each year the College defines specific objectives for the coming year to be considered in all strategic planning.

Ø       Institutional Research: Institutional Research provides FactBooks, State Links, Research Briefs, and Baccalaureate data.

Ø       Surveys and Assessments: Title III, CCSSE results, AA Gen Ed Assessment, AS Program Assessment, Program Reviews, Baccalaureate Assessments, survey pages (My SPC), other grants.

Ø       Assessment Oversight Groups: Information regarding the four assessment oversight groups along with recent meeting minutes.

Ø       Presentations from IRE: Staff members present at various conferences, trainings, and workshops at the college as well as at state, regional, and national events.

Ø       Contact an IRE Office