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The Department of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (IRE) collects, analyzes and provides information that supports state reporting, institutional planning and evaluation, and decision-making functions.


Fact Book
Information is provided for multiple years including a brief college history, a description of the service area, and data related to the College’s student body, academics, personnel, financial position, facilities, and outcomes indicators.

Student Enrollment and Success Dashboards (Business Intelligence)
Dashboards were designed to assist College personnel and policymakers to monitor performance related to enrollment, financial aid, and student success.

Research Briefs
Periodic reports are prepared to address various topics related to the College.

Related Links - Florida College System
Links directed to IR related documents published by the Florida College System.

Management Information Systems Advisory Task Force (MISATFOR) Minutes
This taskforce is coordinated by the Florida College System with representatives from each state college. The following documents are meeting minutes which primarily address state reporting issues.